'I've Decided To Take My Career To UNC'

MERION, Pa. -- Episcopal Academy junior shooting guard Wayne Ellington, the top ranked player in the nation at his position, announced his commitment to North Carolina at a Wednesday afternoon press conference at the school. Inside Carolina was on-hand to provide a full report ...

"I'm going from one fine institution to another fine institution -- I'm proud to announce in the fall of 2006 I've decided to take my athletic and academic career to the University of North Carolina," Ellington announced.


"After my visit at North Carolina, I thought it was the best situation for me. I felt comfortable with the coaching staff and players down there. ... Being around the coaching staff and the players for the weekend just clinched it for me. It made me feel more comfortable and made me feel it was the best situation [for me]."

"I spent most of my time [on my visit] with Marvin Williams and he's just a great guy. He helped me make my decision."

"It's going to be a lot of fun [playing against Episcopal teammate Gerald Henderson, who is going to Duke]. We're both really competitive - but you know who's going to win that one. [laughs]"

"North Carolina is a great program, with a lot of great players that have come to North Carolina (Michael Jordan, Vince Carter, Jerry Stackhouse, Rasheed Wallace -- guys of that caliber). It had a lot to do with the history and people involved, the coaching staff -- they just make it a great institution athletically and academically."

"Coach Williams expressed how much they wanted me and how much they needed me. He just wanted me to go out from the start and perform and be a big piece of the puzzle my freshman year."

"Villanova is home and there was a lot of pressure to stay here, but I think my decision was the best situation for me. ... I just felt that North Carolina was the best place for me. There are no bad aspects to either [UNC or Villanova], but I was more comfortable at North Carolina."

[On his message to Tar Heel fans:] "I look forward to having a great time and helping North Carolina win another national championship."

"I remember the first time I was contacted by [North Carolina] I was excited considering that growing up I was a big North Carolina fan. It was a big dream for me."

"It wasn't just one thing that impressed me about Coach [Roy] Williams. He's been very sincere throughout the whole process. He told me the truth and I felt like [playing for him] was the best thing for me."

"I thought now would be the best time to make my decision because then my senior year all the pressure would be off and I can concentrate on my academics and have fun on the court."


"I felt that North Carolina was the place for him and it doesn't get any better than North Carolina." -- Wayne Ellington Sr.

"The greatest tribute I could give is to tell him how coachable he is. I could run through the stats for Wayne, but I certainly think the college people who have been into this campus know he's a good player. How far he wishes to take this sport, it's up to Wayne, but as long as he remembers he brings his education along with him. That he combines the two of them shows the world what the true meaning of scholar-athlete is." -- Episcopal head coach Dan Dougherty

"He's a phenomenal athlete, but in the halls and classroom he's a unique personality who brings so much to our school. What's most important to Wayne is that all these students could be here to share this with him. If he had his way, he'd have the entire student body and faculty here - because he's genuinely interested in sharing this with those close to him." -- Episcopal Director of Athletics Gina Buggy

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