TOC: Chace Stanback Spotlight

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. --- While neither North Carolina fans nor his new AAU teammates know Chace Stanback very well yet, both are certain to become more familiar with him in the near future.

Stanback, a 6-7.5, 185-pound WG/WF, that is already building a strong reputation on the west coast, joined the Southern California All-Stars for the first time at the Tournament of Champions. While his debut with his new squad wasn't particularly noteworthy, his talents have already earned him a spot on the North Carolina coaching staff's early radar.

"[I haven't had contact with] the head coach [at UNC], but with one of the assistants," he said. "I saw one of [the assistants], not too long ago, last [season].

"I haven't really made up my mind yet [about what schools I'm interested in]," Stanback said, though he did mention being interested in Arizona and North Carolina, among others.

While his recruitment is still in its infancy, particularly with respect to the Tar Heels, it is worth mentioning that Stanback has family ties to the state of North Carolina that may fuel his interest in heading east for college. "My parents came here -- they lived in North Carolina -- so it would be a great school for me to go to because all my family is out here and everything," he said.

The Tar Heel blood might have found its way into Stanback as well. He said he enjoys playing video games when he's not on the basketball court, and his favorite games are NBA Live 2005 and March Madness. With the latter, he's consistent: "On March Madness, I play with North Carolina," he said.

Returning to his own game, Stanback said "My biggest strength is probably my mid-range jumper, but I haven't hit it lately. It's kind of off right now.

"My weakness is probably on-the-ball defense," he added.

A long, fluid athlete and good ball handler in addition to being a smooth jump shooter, Stanback's defense will benefit greatly from added strength as he continues to mature physically. He also admitted that playing with a new AAU team made him a little nervous, contributing to his off-shooting night.

Nonetheless, Stanback is excited about the opportunity to travel with the new squad. "It's great, because they show you a lot of love," he said. "They look at you as one of them, a friend, even though they just met you."

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