TOC: DeAndre Jordan Spotlight

DURHAM, N.C. --- It may have been Wayne Ellington that drew a Carolina eye to the Playaz vs. Houston Swoosh match up at Cameron Indoor Stadium on Saturday night, but it was impossible to leave the contest without being impressed by the talents of Texas Class of 2007 C/BF DeAndre Jordan.

Jordan stands nearly 6-10 and is a lean but well put-together athlete with tremendously long arms and a penchant for blocking shots and following up teammates' errant shots with putback dunks. He's quick off the floor, and this emerging big timer even has a pretty good-looking jump shot out to 15 feet, as well as a pure stroke from the free throw line.

At times, it's hard to remember that he's only a rising junior, and even college coaches across the are treating him like a hot commodity on a level not experienced by most underclassmen.

"North Carolina, Georgia Tech, UConn, Illinois, Kentucky, Kansas, Texas, Texas A&M, Arizona, and Cincinnati [are all recruiting me]," Jordan said. "I have offers from Texas, Texas A&M, Arizona, Georgia Tech, and Virginia Tech."

Regarding the Tar Heels specifically, Jordan noted that they've shown interest beyond the usual letters. "They sent me a questionnaire letter and I talked to one of the coaches, Joe Holladay," Jordan said.

"I like the atmosphere [at UNC]," he added. "I like the school basketball-wise, and [they have] good academics."

Jordan had a chance to catch a glimpse of Chapel Hill during the tournament, but he'll have plenty of time to return to campus if he so chooses before he makes a college decision if he sticks to his plan. "I'm probably going to wait a while [to decide]," he said.

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