UNC-Duke: Locker Room Report

DURHAM, NC -- Jason Capel, Jawad Williams, and Adam Boone address the media about the Tar Heels' regular-season finale against the Duke Blue Devils.

Jason Capel

Were the Duke radio guys, specifically Matthew Lawrence, saying something to you out there?

"All of them were talking. I don't care. "

Do you remember that guy, with the radio headset on?

"I know all these people over here. Whoever was talking to me, they won, so they have the upper hand. Now, we have to get ready to play them again on Friday. We have to get rested, get ready, and face them again."

Is there anything you can take from this game to prepare for Friday?

"I thought we fought – we competed. If we take away our turnovers, we could be in the game. They are a great team, Jason Williams is a great player. I think he proved that again, like he does every game. They made a lot of tough shots. Our defense wasn't bad. They made a lot of tough shots. If we take care of the ball, we have a chance."

How do you feel about having to play them again in five days?

"No matter who we have to play, the position we're in, it's going to be a tough game. It's do-able. It's a tough game, but we have nothing to lose. You all don't expect us to win. We'll just go out there and play loose. Hopefully, anything can happen – we can pull a miracle or something."

Do you wipe this game clean from the slate, or will you look at film to see what you did, or will you just totally forget about it?

"I think the film is for the coaches to look at. They can point some things out that we need to do, but we need to just forget about this. We have a big game coming up on Friday. It's a brand new opportunity, and that is something we can look forward to. They are a great team, but hopefully we can go out and compete. Anything can happen in the tournament."

Jawad Williams

You played on that floor in the McDonald's game last year, but what was your first experience in a Duke-Carolina game like?

"It was great! It was the most fun I've ever had during a game. Granted, we lost, but it was a lot of fun. We went out and played hard. They won. They are a great team."

I saw you and Jackie and Melvin laughing on the court, prior to the game. I assume it was in response to something the Duke students said. What were they saying?

"Ah! They were killing us. I don't even want to repeat it, but they killed us. It was fun. It was part of the game. You expect that in big-time rivalries, so we just came out and played. It was fun."

What happened on the technical foul?

"Christensen got his dunk. He turned around and pushed me, and I wasn't going to get punked, so I threw an elbow back, and they called the tech. They always catch the retaliation."

Adam Boone

You lost today, but this Duke team isn't undefeated. Can this team get it in your mind to put together a performance to beat this team?

"Sure. As a basketball player – as any competitor – you have to believe every time that you step on the court that you can win. Otherwise, you are defeated before you start the game. Sure, I know I believe we can win. I would like to think everyone in our locker room believes so, as well. We just have to get ready for that challenge. We have to play well to win, but it's possible."

Could you talk about the exchange with Jason Williams when they callled the double technical? They called an offensive foul on you and then take it from there.

"It's hard to describe what happened. Most of it is on tape. I really don't want to walk through what happened, but it's just an intense rivalry. You have competitive basketball out there. Guys get frustrated, and there will be some exchanges as there was in that situation."

So it's not personal – just heat of the moment?

"I don't know him much personally. It's hard to say. Any time you are on the basketball court, it's not personal. Guys are competitive. It' brings out the rough side of your nature, and there will be some exchanges – especially in a physical game like basketball."

Was it as physical as it looked from the stands out there?

"I think any time you prepare yourself to play a team of their caliber, it's a pretty physical game. Guys are so athletic now. We use the weight room so much that it's naturally a physical game. You just have to be tough enough and strong enough to fight through that to execute your game plan and play basketball."

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