Massenburg 'Itching' To Qualify

North Carolina 2005 commitment Darius Massenburg says he feels good about his chances to qualify and join his future college teammates on the field this fall. However, as of Tuesday, he was still waiting on SAT results to determine if his goal will be realized.

Massenburg said he wasn't sure when he would hear definitively as to when he could enroll at UNC, but that in his mind he's already qualified.

"I feel good about it," he said. "I'm all set to go as far as I know."

On Tuesday, Roanoke Rapids coach Tim Bennett called UNC coach John Bunting to give him Massenburg's spring semester grades.

And Bennett said Massenburg finished the school year strong in the classroom, but that the SAT results will ultimately be the determining factor.

"I guess we're in a waiting game right now in how the scores come back," Bennett said. "But we do have a ‘Plan B;' we're trying to see where these test scores come out and how they will go with his GPA."

Of course, as he told Inside Carolina in January, Massenburg is open to the prep route option – likely via Hargrave Military Academy.

But right now, Massenburg is more concerned about recovering from a broken wrist he suffered during the first practice of the past football season when he fell on it wrong.

As a testament to his toughness, Massenburg played the entire season and starred in the Shrine Bowl, unaware he had a hairline fracture. Midway through basketball season, as he continued to experience pain in the wrist, his mother said enough is enough.

Under her guidance, Massenburg quit basketball and had an MRI done which revealed the break.

In January he underwent surgery in Chapel Hill, in which a bone was grafted from his hip and wires were attached to aid in the repair of the fractured joint.

"The doctors who X-Ray-ed it initially, didn't see the break," Bennett said. "But when he got the MRI, they could see it clearly. The doctors said it was probably hidden by all the blood around it when they first took a look."

After nearly five months wearing a cast that at times extended from his hand to his armpit, Massenburg is literally "itching" to get the cast off.

And Wednesday is that day.

In fact on Tuesday, Massenburg who works for the city during the summer, was seen trimming the grass on a municipal ditch bank and it appears he will recover fully.

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