Buchanan: 'I Didn't Want To Miss My Chance'

New UNC linebacker commitment Logan Buchanan woke up happy Tuesday morning, and took a few minutes to share his thoughts with Inside Carolina. Here is a Q&A with the Davie Co. rising senior...

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    Tell us why you made the decision to commit to North Carolina.
    "I've never been a real big Carolina fan growing up or anything. But after I met the coaches this spring and they told me to come to that one-day camp, I really liked the campus and everything.

    "I really liked the linebackers coach (Tommy Thigpen) and Coach [John] Bunting is a real nice guy. I really like their football program and the stuff they have there.

    "They were only taking two or three linebackers so I didn't want to miss my chance to go there and I decided to go ahead and commit to them."

    What specifically did you like about Coach Thigpen?
    "He played linebacker before and in the NFL. He's got a lot of experience being three-time All-ACC. I really like the way he works with us linebackers. I think he would be a great coach to be working with for four or five years."

    Was UNC the first to offer?
    "Yes, sir."

    What other schools were showing the most interest?
    "Maryland, Wake Forest, East Carolina and James Madison – those were the biggest three or four."

    Are you planning on taking any more visits?
    "I'm going to visit Carolina – tour the campus and everything – but that's it."

    What have the UNC coaches told you they liked most about you and what they expect from you between now and then?
    "I'm not the biggest linebacker in the world; I'm about 202 (pounds) right now. They're trying to get away from the big, heavy linebackers, and get into the fast linebackers that can still play. I can go out there for the sweep and still cover the pass. They can do all that stuff inside, but can cover the pass, too. They want a lot more speed on defense now."

    Have they told you they want you to gain some weight?
    "The weight wasn't a big problem, they said. I will, because I've been gaining. During the past two months I've probably gained 10 pounds or so. They told me, ‘Wait until you get here, and we'll put on the weight for you.'

    "I have a big frame anyway. I've just gotten to the point where I can put on weight. They weren't really bothered with the weight at all."

    What are some of your strength numbers?
    "I bench press 330 pounds; squat 425; power clean 290 and incline max is 265."

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