Scouting Report: Darrell Arthur

Dave Telep, the nation's leading recruiting analyst, reviews his notes and compiles in-depth scouting reports on North Carolina's basketball recruits. In this edition -- offered 2006 forward Darrell Arthur.

Darrell Arthur
6-9, 210
Dallas (Texas) South Oak Cliff

He's an explosive player around the basket - he's one of those guys who can have a live body inside one minute and a terrific stroke from the perimeter the very next, which makes him about as versatile a four man as you'll find.

[He's] as versatile a four man as you'll find.
I think you hear a lot of his ability on the perimeter and beyond the three line and he's gone out and proven his worth as a face up power forward. Another strength is that his body has matured every year and he continues to grow into one of those really strong, really athletic molds – he's just a good looking physical specimen for that position.

He's not a four man who is going to put it on the deck and rip down the rim. He's got his two areas where he scores - under and around the basket and then he scores with his face up skills from the perimeter.

On defense, he's good in both the rebounding and shotblocking categories. He's not a blocker who chases guys down – he blocks what's in his area. And I think he's a really good, but not great, rebounder – yet. The tools are there to do that, though.

He just needs to continue to build on the two pieces to his offensive game he already has – finishing inside with explosion and from outside. What's the next piece?

It would be a tremendous asset if he were able to enhance his game off the drive.
The next progression is to develop a strong go-to scoring move inside and a game he can use off the bounce going to the hole. A lot of kids fall into that category of relying too much on three pointers and it's definitely a comfort zone for him. Don't be married to just being a shooter, because there's a lot more you can do with that body and that size. It would be a tremendous asset if he were able to enhance his game off the drive. And I think one of the other things he needs to develop is a go-to post move that he pulls out when he needs to score – a real weapon on the inside.

Signature Performance:
For him it has just been a steady progression to where he is. He had a big summer last year and followed it up with an outstanding junior season. For me, the one point where he proved his worth was against Greg Oden this spring. I saw them down in Arkansas and the game starts out and he tries to run his deal inside and there's just no way he's going to do that on Greg Oden. So a couple things can happen at this point - you can pack up and realize you're not getting it done against Oden or you can do what Arthur did. And what he did was ate a little piece of humble pie, moved out to the perimeter and began smoking threes.

During the course of that game he'd get himself a rebound or putback, remaining active as a rebounder on offense and found a couple different ways to score. In the end. he scored in the 20s against Oden not because he could score inside but because he was not getting frustrated and moved to the perimeter, playing to another strength of his and had an outstanding game against the best player in the class.

No. 2 PF, No. 4 overall -- There just isn't a lot of wiggle room to put him higher. Greg Oden and Kevin Durant separated themselves from this class. I don't need to justify ranking Arthur the No. 2 power forward in the country. It speaks volumes of his ability and his potential.

Final Thoughts:
If the age limit rule doesn't come into play, there's no doubt that the NBA will take a look and he'll take a look back. At that point a decision will be made. He'll be recruited at the top level, and there are multiple big time schools chasing him. If the NBA situation stays the way it is right now, he'll be attractive to them out of high school. There's a high risk of him entering the draft if there is no age limit.

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