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With football recruiting, the analysts often place all of the emphasis on the quality of a recruit on the football field, and little on the quality of the recruit off the field. But yet, a bad character can destroy a football program just as quick as an All-American can build one up.

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In Shaun Draughn – the sixth North Carolina commitment from the class of 2006 – North Carolina got the complete package.

"What Carolina is getting first and foremost is a great young man," said Tarboro head coach Jeff Craddock. "His character is top of the line. He does what he's supposed to do not only on the football field, but at home and in the classroom. I stress that more than anything - they'll be getting a quality person, who will be a great representative of what [Coach John] Bunting wants.

On the gridiron, Draughn could turn out to be the most gifted pure athlete that UNC signs this coming February.

"Athletically, they're getting one of the most versatile football players I've ever coached," said Craddock. "The question I've answered eight to ten times today is where do I think they're going to play Shaun. It depends on what they think they need.

"Carolina doesn't really have a big time tailback [recruit]. I think Shaun – after he gets a little bigger and stronger – he will fit that bill. If they are a little weak in the secondary and they need a strong safety that can fill alleys and can cover people, he'd be awesome at that. They are getting a good football player; they're getting a great young man who is very skilled at doing different things. He can return punts, he can return kick offs. They are getting one of the best football players that has come through Tarboro in a while."

For Tarboro High School, Draughn is the main threat halfback in the Straight T Offense (a variation of the wishbone), and the back-up quarterback. Last season he started three games at quarterback and ended the year with five passing touchdowns and 137 yards. Despite missing two games, Draughn still eclipsed the 1,000 yard rushing mark and ran in almost 25 scores.

On defense, Draughn mainly played outside linebacker, but switched to cornerback or free safety to adjust to the opponents' strengths. This season Craddock hopes to move Draughn to free safety, and believes Draughn will significantly increase his four interceptions from last season.

Draughn worked mostly with the running backs at the North Carolina three-day camp this week.

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