Virginia sophomore Prowitt on UNC's radar

Inside Carolina's Clint Jackson profiles a new name for Carolina recruiting fans. Introducing Peter Prowitt, a 6'10 240 pound sophomore from Potomac (McLean, VA). The young 10th grader was in action recently at the Virginia Independent League State Tournament in Petersburg, Virginia and here's some analysis from Clint......

Another player to add to the UNC watch list for the class of 2004 is Peter Prowitt, a 6'10 240 pound sophomore center from Potomac High School in McLean, Virginia. Prowitt was the best player for Potomac all year long and led them to an impressive 25-2 record on the season. His season averages were 15 points, 12 rebounds and four blocked shots per game for the Patriots. It had been reported in Virginia newspapers earlier in the year that both Virginia and the Tar Heels had been up to check out the big guy in action.

This -- however -- was our second look at the low post prospect from northern Virginia.

First of all, Prowitt has a big frame for a young guy. Standing a legit 6'10 -- possibly 6'11 -- Prowitt has very broad shoulders and long arms. Throughout the game -- he spent most of his time in the low post, battling 6'9 senior Tadas Mankevicius from Roanoke Catholic -- who's bound for VMI next season.

While Prowitt certainly has some tools to work with on the offensive end, like a jump-hook, the ability to catch the ball very well and a soft turn-around in the lane, he's got some development to do in the speed department. He's not the fastest guy running the floor and was often the last guy up the floor on both ends.

He seemed to exert a good amount of effort fighting for position on the blocks with the more muscular and slightly stronger Mankevicius, and was the top scoring option for Potomac, who were beaten quite handily by the Celtics.

But his efforts weren't the reason for the defeat.

The reason for the defeat was another superb performance from Celtic guard J.R. Reynolds, an outstanding junior combo guard who's already verbally committed to Virginia.

Prowitt scored the majority of his points in the paint off of rebounds or slowly developing post moves. He did hold his position down there quite well, and out of respect for the young sophomore -- Mankevicius is one of the best big men in the state of Virginia. So, his lower body strength is pretty advanced for his age.

On the positive side -- Prowitt provides an excellent target to entry passes as his wide frame and long arms are almost impossible to shield for any sized defender, whether they front him, side him or simply play behind him. He works hard on both ends of the floor and is an outstanding student. His free-throw stroke is solid as well. You can bet that many area programs in the ACC, Atlantic 10 and Big East will pay close attention to Prowitt this summer and next season to see if he can further develop.

Virginia has been evaluating him this year and as we mentioned, the staff of UNC has been up to see him in action at least once this past season. Something else to note is that Prowitt's father is an adjunct professor at the Darden School, UVa's postgraduate business school. Whether or not that makes a difference in his recruitment remains to be seen.

We'll keep you posted on Peter Prowitt.

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