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CHAPEL HILL, N.C. --- Roy Williams met with the media for an offseason press conference Wednesday afternoon at the Smith Center. Listen to the full audio and read excerpts ...

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"It's been busy with camps. We feel like we've done OK in the early stages of that next recruiting class. Hopefully we've gotten the groundwork laid. Will do a great deal of evaluation in July, and we hope to come up with some other options there that will help our team in the long run. Four freshmen are in and start classes for second session – I think – tomorrow. They all came in this weekend. It's nice to have them around."

"Looking back on last year doesn't help us at all, because seven of those guys are gone. I'm very pleased with the four freshmen coming in; I think they're all going to be successful college players. It would be easier for them if they had a security blanket around them, if Raymond, Sean, Marvin or anyone of them decided to stay. Now Reyshawn and David are the guys who have played the most minutes, but it's not with the same success as Sean, Raymond or Marvin. And in this league it's very hard to depend on freshmen."

"We're a competitor with the NBA. The NBA is going to do things to help the NBA out. I have no problem understanding that. It's the system that we have whether I love it, which I don't, or whether I hate it, which I don't. When Comissioner David Stern says get the general managers out of the high school gyms – that's a joke. They're still going to be there and everybody else, too."

"It wouldn't surprise me [if I started two or more freshmen this year]. I know there will be no freshmen on the white team on the first day of practice. But after that, if they decide to move over there – they have that option. I don't think coaches determine who starts, I think players do. To be honest, I thought Marvin would start for us last year. But Jawad played so well for us in the preseason; like I said all along, he was our most consistent player. If I wasn't going to promise Marvin Williams he was going to start, I won't ever promise anybody."

"Quentin's had a pretty good spring and early summer. He's 13 pounds heavier than he was at the start of basketball last year, and it looks good. He's stronger; he's done a better job in the weight room. The next eight weeks are extremely important to him being at home and how disciplined he's going to be to work out and get in the weight room. The guys tell me that he's been playing well. Again, what he does the rest of this summer and when he returns this fall are going to be extremely important to him."

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