Noel, Terry Quotes + Audio

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- North Carolina upperclassmen David Noel and Reyshawn Terry met with the media late Wednesday afternoon at the Smith Center to talk about the coming season ...


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"[I've seen] a lot [from the freshmen] that I didn't expect to see. Tyler, he's a beast. ... Now that they're here playing with us, I've seen a lot from them.

"My role is definitely not the 'Jackie Manuel role,' although parts of that will be needed. I'm just going to do everything this summer to prepare for that role and hopefully I can come back and do the best I can.

"I'll probably be back in the post, being that we didn't get one of our big recruits, who went to Florida State. So that'll put me back in the post and that's fine. ... Different people are going to interchange in different spots, I may play the five one time. It's going to be different, but at the same time it'll be fun."

"I think [we can make the NCAA Tournament]. There's no doubt in my mind. This team is going to shock a lot of people. I know everybody is writing us off, and I don't blame them."


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"I'm definitely excited, but at the same time I've got to stay focused and do what I have to do to get better as a player.

"We only have four or five returning players, so we have to show the younger players what they have to go through.

"Danny [Green] is a good shooter, Bobby [Frasor]'s a good shooter, Marcus [Ginyard] can shoot and defend pretty well, Tyler's just a machine - he beats people up for rebounds.

"[I'll play the] three and four, because of our depth situation. If I have to, against smaller teams, I'll play a lot of four, but against the bigger teams in the ACC I'll probably be out on the wing mostly.

"I feel like we're not going to be that big so we're going to have to run guys, use our quickness and execute more plays this season. With us not being as big, we're going to have to [run]. Bigger teams are just going to go down low.

"Quentin [Thomas] knows that he'll have a bigger role this year because he has the experience - he'll need to go out there and teach while [teaching others] so that's going to be a big role for him."

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