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"I'm not going to change and start walking it up the court and playing 30-point games to win this year," Williams said Wednesday, 12 weeks after his team won the NCAA title.
Whatever Heels do will be done fast
Raleigh News & Observer

I asked Williams if his third North Carolina team will make the 2006 NCAA tournament. "I have no idea," he said. "But we're going to try like crazy."
Tar Heels coach just drives on
Charlotte Observer

"Tyler Hansbrough is really a banger," Noel said. "He's going to be our (center). He does some of the same things Sean May does. Bobby Frasor, he's a point guard. He's not like Raymond Felton; he's more of a steady, slow-paced point guard. But he finds you with the ball."
Hansbrough `a banger' for Tar Heels
Charlotte Observer

"This team is going to shock a lot of people," senior David Noel said. "I know everybody's writing us out, and I don't blame them. We lost 93 percent of our scoring. It's going to be a new-look team."
Roy Williams enthusiastic, but knows tough road lies ahead
Durham Herald-Sun

"We're going to still try to run, because that's the way I like to coach," Williams said. "But can we get a rebound? Can we stop somebody to get a rebound?"
Williams, Heels could be in for crazy season
Durham Herald-Sun

"I told Byron and Reyshawn, 'Don't tell me that on a scale of 1 to 10 that you're working at an 8 level. Sean worked at a 10 level. And if you want to see that improvement, that's what you've got to do.'"
Williams faces another daunting task, with key Tar Heels scattered to the wind
Winston-Salem Journal

"It's not the pie in the sky; they didn't really solve anything," Williams said. "The NBA, it's not their job to try and solve things for college basketball. I don't think they try to do that. Personally I think either have nothing or have a rule that's a little bit more than we have. It's just window dressing."
Williams says NBA's age rule won't solve anything
Winston-Salem Journal

Atlanta coach Mike Woodson said he was impressed with Williams' range and shooting abilities. "He'll be a pretty damn good player in our league. He works his butt off," Woodson said.
Marvin Williams impresses Hawks with range, shooting in workout
Durham Herald-Sun

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