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Results from a new lift, the "split jerk," instituted in the off-season.

North Carolina football Strength and Conditioning coach Jeff Connors has added another weight lift to the off-season conditioning program, the "split jerk." What distinguishes this lift is that the feet are split apart, with one foot in front of another.

"We instituted this lift because we felt we could get stronger in the shoulders," says Coach Connors.

The results of the first testing of this lift for Tar Heel football players are as follows:

T1. - Eric Davis, DT - 374

T1. - Madison Hedgecock, FB - 374

T1. - Jason Brown, OL - 374

T4. - Willie McNeil, OL - 331

T4. - Chase Page, DL - 331

T4. - Jeb Terry, OL - 331

7.    - Isaac Mooring, DE - 328

T8 - James Faison, FB - 319

T8 - Jonas Seawright, OL - 319

T8 -Greg Warren, DS - 319

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