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RICHMOND, Va. --- Darrell Arthur, MVP of a Texas state championship team, knows what it means to play as part of a team to achieve success, but not all of his teammates at the NBA Players Association Camp seem to be able to do so.

"I think some of the guys are used to playing by themselves," Arthur said. "They are used to scoring the ball so much that they aren't used to passing. My high school team, we pass the ball to each other, so I'm trying to get my team involved…

"Sometimes we play well together [here], sometimes we don't. It depends on how our attitude is and how we come out. I get along with some of them, but I can't really get along with too many of them."

Even so, he has continued to put forth his best effort every time on the court, hustling on most every play. Through the first few days, he's averaging just over 10 points here, highlighted by a 16-point effort on Thursday morning. With few touches in the flow of the offense, he's doing most of his damage around the rim.

The state champion who averaged 16 points and 10 rebounds, still claims to be "wide open," but admits that Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas are three of the schools that he wants to visit.

He has visited Kansas on several occasions in the past, the first for Midnight Madness of his eighth-grade year, while Roy Williams was coach.

"I like [Kansas'] style of play," Arthur said. "My friend, Keith Langford, went to that school and all they do is like to run, and get out there. That's my kind of style, running and playing in transition. I like how they play transition."

Arthur has continued to keep in touch with the former Jayhawk coach, now head coach at North Carolina.

"[UNC] is on me really tight, too," Arthur explained. "He came to the school before we checked out. He said that he is on me really tight and that he is going to recruit me hard too. I forgot [to mention] North Carolina [as a school I want to visit]."

College coaches are telling Arthur that he will flip-flop at both forward positions, but he feels more comfortable at the power forward position since that is where he has played his entire career.

"But when I get to college, they are going to teach me to dribble and shoot so I can probably move out to the three," he said.

"I'm looking for a fast-running college that likes to get out there, a college where I can be cool with my coach and relate to my coach, and [one that has] a coach that can prepare me to go to the NBA."

Arthur isn't lobbying to any of the other players in the class to follow him to his college destination - wherever that may be - but he is being approached by others.

"Kevin Durant, he committed to Texas, and he and his dad have been calling my coach," he said. "My mom is asking if it would be good to go up to Texas and play with him."

Arthur plans to narrow his list and take visits in the fall, but he does not plan to sign in the November early signing period.

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