NBPA: Taylor King Spotlight

RICHMOND, Va. --- Taylor King is nearly 6-8 and has developed some post moves, but don't dare call him a post player. For that matter, don't even imply that his long term projection could include a small amount of time at the four spot.

King has no intention of playing any position other than the wing.

"I'm not a four – not at all," he insisted. "That's only when there's a smaller guy on me. I see myself playing a 3/2, putting the ball on the floor."

At the NBPA Camp this week, King has been content with being a pass-first wing and only taking the jumpers the defense gives him. No question his forte will always remain his deep shooting range, but his focus has been to become more versatile, be it gathering assists or developing a more effective handle.

"On the first day I didn't play too well, but I feel like I've turned it on the last couple days," said King, who was moved to a new camp team here on Day 2. "I'm with a good squad now, with a good point guard in Tywon Lawson and Ellington, too.

"I've been focused on putting the ball on the floor and I threw a lot of assists tonight getting my teammates involved."

As a rising junior, King isn't yet able to take official visits, but he expects the first official visit he'll take will be to the school he will have already committed to.

"I will most likely make my decision before taking any officials," he said. "[No visits are planned] right now, but there will be some unofficials coming soon."

A California native, King has his sights set on playing on the east coast.

"It's the style of play and I like the physical stuff they do," he said. "I just really like the style of play [on the east coast].

"The only schools I'm interested in on the west coast are Gonzaga, Washington and Arizona right now."

The first three east coast schools he mentioned were Duke, North Carolina and Villanova, though he admitted he's hearing from many new schools and so there is no set list at this point.

He'll be heading east this winter with his high school team to play in the December Beach Ball Classic in Myrtle Beach, S.C.

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