Minnesota Meets McCants

Rashad McCants was introduced to the Minnesota media on Wednesday at a team press conference. Here are some excerpts ...

"Whenever a guy is a puzzle that (the media) can't put together, they try to figure him out as fast as possible. I wasn't as open as a young kid at 18 and, as I progressed, I've (begun) to get more open about it and the reputation decreased as the time went on." -- Rashad McCants

"We have to work on his consistency. I'm not saying there won't be a few hurdles with this kid. But I said to our guys going into the draft, 'We want the best [shooting] guard we can get, a player who can bang bodies going to the basket and who can shoot it,' and that's McCants. He had some trouble with coaches because he wanted the ball. That doesn't bother me a bit. I want a player who wants the ball, who wants his shots. The word the NBA scouts use these days is 'juice.' Rashad's game has juice. That's where we had to start. We can work on the rest of it." -- team president Kevin McHale

"In the NBA, there is no perfect person. Guys are going to have rumors or whatever. I judge guys by the way they act. A guy like Gary Payton, look at all the rumors that whirl around him. But I did not have one problem with him. When a guy doesn't compete on the floor, that's where I have a problem. ... Rashad was brutally honest about who he is, what he is and the problems he's had in the past." -- head coach Dwane Casey

"Everybody has different needs and different wants. You might click with one guy and not another guy. I felt like we clicked with Rashad when he came in to visit. I thought he really clicked with coach. That's important. He really wanted to be here. ... We did a lot of due diligence, a lot of homework on psychological things. We wanted a guy who could come into our program and has done winning at a high level, and Rashad was in a program that has personified that at North Carolina." -- GM Jim Stack

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