Hawks Introduce Williams

The Atlanta Hawks introduced their draft pick, Tar Heel Marvin Williams, to the media at a local Wednesday press conference. Here are some excerpts ...

"I'm real impressed with him off the court. He's very respectful. He's very appreciative. Look at him. He's wearing a suit. He looks good. He speaks well. He's a throwback type of guy. ... Look at myself. I was a pretty easygoing guy. But once I stepped on the court, I was a different guy. I was almost evil because I liked to compete so much. ... He can definitely be that [all-star] kind of guy. He has the image to carry that torch. But we've got to remember that he's still young. We've got to give his game time to mature." -- Dominique Wilkins

"He exemplifies the things we're looking for in our young people. He's the type of person we can try to build a foundation around. ... This league is powered by star power." -- GM Billy Knight

"Marvin is a lot like myself and Josh [Smith] in that we're young, athletic and we love to play up and down the floor. But even more important is that he's the same type of kid. Marvin comes from a good family, he's a good grounded kid." -- Josh Childress

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