Jamelle Horne Spotlight

The current #45-ranked player in the national 2007 class, 6-6 small forward Jamelle Horne from San Diego, had to sit out the Adidas Superstar Camp, but he still has a couple of college programs that stand out for him...

Jamelle Horne, 6-6 junior small forward, San Diego (Calif.) Hoover, is one of the best players in the west in the 2007 class, and will undoubtedly get recruited at a very high level.

That recruitment, though, might have gotten put on hold for a while since Horne was unable to participate in the Adidas Superstars Camp this week due to an injured ankle, and went unseen by most of the nation's top programs.

"It was kind of disappointing. I injured it at the San Diego State team camp the week before, and I thought I might be able to play at Adidas, but when I got here I realized I couldn't," Horne said.

He indicated that he'll be back playing next week at camp in Los Angeles.

Horne already has some schools in mind, though. "I'd say my two favorites are North Carolina and Georgia Tech," he said. "I like North Carolina because, well, they're North Carolina. I like Georgia Tech because they were the first school to really recruit me and I appreciate that."

He did say there was room for more schools to get on board, particularly one. "If Arizona started recruiting me, I'd be interested. I really still have my options open," Horne said.

Horne emphasized academics as a priority. "They really come first," said Horne, who professed a 3.6 overall GPA. When asked jokingly if he's ever gotten an F, he said, "No way. My parents would go crazy."

And speaking of parens, he said he'd like to stay close to them, but they could understand if he left SoCal. "I think they know that I have to go where I have to go to get it done."

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