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Every school is in search of a quality big man. That was evident in Suwanee, Georgia during the adidas Superstar camp. During the skill stations, dozens of coaches lined up to evaluate the big men that were doing post up drills and showing off their moves.

One of the guys trying to impress college coaches was Jonathan Mandeldove, a 7-foot center from Chatham, Va. And throughout the whole week in Suwanee, Mandeldove gave college coaches a glimpse of how good he can be.

Mandeldove is long and has the ability to block shots when he plays aggressive and, right now, defense is his focus.

"I'm just playing defense," Mandeldove said. "It's tough out there. This is a guard oriented camp. It's hard for the bigger guys to get their touches and looks at times," Mandeldove explained. "But overall I'm doing alright and holding my own."

As Mandeldove explained, camps are often extremely hard to adjust to, especially for big men. Although he's a rising senior, Mandeldove didn't know what to expect at the adidas Superstar Camp because it was his first.

"This is the first camp I've ever been to. I've never been to a camp like this," Mandeldove said. "I've played AAU ball for three years but I never went to a camp where I played with different people on a team."

Shoe camps and AAU tournaments are primarily in place to advertise kids and their abilities to scouts as well as college coaches. And on July 6th, college coaches began patrolling the camps and searching for a prospect flying under the radar.

Mandeldove, while still a bit raw, has quite a bit of potential and had a number of schools scoping him out in Suwanee.

"I got some scouts supposedly looking at me. They said they are going to look at me and come watch me play at different events," Mandeldove said about his current recruitment. "Hopefully this is just part one of the recruiting process. I'm going to get in on all the schools that want me and then I'm going to sort them out. Then after that I'm going to choose my top five and visit those schools."

At the time Mandeldove has a number of schools showing interest in him, and the ones that he likes are North Carolina, Wake Forest, Alabama, Indiana, Illinois, Georgia, and Pittsburgh.

While he currently doesn't hold any offers, Mandeldove does know exactly what he's looking for in a future school.

"A little playing time [is what I'm looking for] and then someone to help me develop my skills," Mandeldove, who wants to make his decision in the fall, said. "So I can get to the next level. Whether that be going overseas or in the NBA. I want to get bigger and stronger. I think I might need to go four years or three years or however many years I need to develop my skills.

"That's basically what I'm looking for in a college, someone that's going to develop me and that I'll feel comfortable with the coaches and the players. It has to be a family environment you know all for one, one for all. There aren't any individuals, there are individual games but we all play together. We win together but we lose together too."

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