Randall Gets UNC Offer

Greenville (N.C.) Rose offensive lineman Morgan Randall has been offered a scholarship by North Carolina and East Carolina. He also has the option to attend the Naval Academy.

"I think it will come down to Carolina or the Naval Academy," Randall said. "My family has frequented Chapel Hill on and off since I was little. You could say that I grew up a Carolina fan especially in basketball. I'm interested in going to dental school (choices are somewhat limited)."

Randall (6-6, 245, 4.9) has the speed to play offensive line or tight end but he is being recruited as an offensive tackle by North Carolina.

"Carolina is recruiting me as an offensive tackle," he said. "The Naval Academy did not really say where they would like me to play, so I think I could play tight end or offensive line there.

"Coach [Brad] Lawing from North Carolina is my primary recruiter. I have attended about all the North Carolina camps that they have had. I missed the Virginia Tech camp and there is some possibility that I could be interested in looking at them but that is doubtful at this point.

"I really like Coach [Hal] Hunter's coaching style," Randall said. "Coach [John] Bunting seems like a great guy as well. I haven't really had the chance to spend much time with any of the players." Randall also plays defense collecting 60 tackles, 7.5 sacks and 10 tackles for a loss as a junior. His future appears to be on offense though no matter what school he decides to attend. And that decision could come soon.

"I plan on deciding before the season starts," he said. "I am going to check out the medical/dental facilities at the Naval Academy next week and the following week I am going to Chapel Hill to look at them a little bit more. I should be ready to decide after that.

"Each school has a lot going for it. The Naval Academy has a high graduation rate. They have perhaps the highest in the country. Carolina has outstanding academics as well. My decision will be based on academics primarily although other things will be considered.

"As it stands right now, Carolina has a slight lead and I should be ready to make my decision at the end of the month."

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