Stuart Commits To UNC

North Carolina may have to change it's nickname to "Tight End U.," after getting a verbal commitment from Sugar Land (Texas) Austin's Trevor Stuart on Monday. The 6-foot-3, 230-pound senior attended camp this weekend and notified UNC assistant Hal Hunter shortly after returning home, his high school coach and father said.

"He committed yesterday," Bulldogs' coach Tom Stuart told Inside Carolina on Tuesday. "He was offered on June 1st, but we wanted to get up there and see the place and everything.

"I cannot tell you how impressed my wife and I were with the total program at North Carolina – not only the facilities, but the people. The way the coaches interact with the player, the way they coach, handle and care about their kids…I was very, very impressed with everything.

The elder Stuart didn't feel comfortable critiquing his son's game, so he deferred to his offensive coordinator Todd Irvin, who had this to say about Trevor's on the field prowess:

"He's got great hands, both blocking- and receiving-wise. He' knows how to get good leverage as a blocker; it's just a real instinctive thing. He's a real instinctive player. I think that kind of comes from being a coach's kid.

"As a receiver, his hands are real soft. He doesn't miss much. We throw some behind him, we throw them low, he catches them; he goes down to get them. He's not blazing fast, but he runs good routs. He's real quick. When a football is thrown off line, he can go get it. He's a great possession receiver."

Irvin went on to say he didn't expect the Tar Heels to move Stuart to the offensive line, nor has he or Stuart been led to believe anything different.

"I think he's a tight end," Irvin said.

As a junior, Stuart caught approximately 30 passes for 300 yards and six touchdowns.

Stuart is also a deep snapper.

"He will probably be one of the guys UNC is looking at as a deep snapper," Irvin said.

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