Football S&C: Vertical Jumps

Off-season individual marks conclude with a look at the the top ten vertical jumps.

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The Top Ten Vertical Jumps:

1.  Chesley Borders, WR - 40.5

2.  James Faison, FB - 37.5

T3.  Willie Parker, RB - 37

T3.  Malcolm Stewart, LB - 37

T3.  Lance Williams, WR - 37

T6.  Dexter Reid, DB - 36.5

T6.  David Nance, WR - 36.5

T8.  Sam Aiken, WR - 36

T8.  Clay Roberson, LB - 36

T8.  Brandon Russell, WR - 36

Notes: Lance Williams and David Nance are walk-ons that participated on the scout team and are moved at times to the defensive secondary. Brandon Russell is not participating in UNC baseball due to a hand injury, but has been able to particpate in offseason workouts that do not involve the injured hand.


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