Football S&C: The Super Rams

A dozen Tar Heels achieve Super Ram status.

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When off-season football strength and conditioning heads into spring practice, the Tar Heel football players are tested in twelve specific strength and conditioning categories.

Each position group -- offensive linemen, defensive linemen, defensive combo athletes (linebackers), offensive combo athletes (tight ends and fullbacks), defensive secondary, and offensive skill players (quarterbacks, running backs and wide receivers) are given specific levels of performance in each of the the twelve tests on a point system.

When the points are tallied, there are three levels of achievement that can be reached by the UNC football players -- Super Ram, Elite Ram, and Iron Ram. Super Ram is the highest level of achievement.

In addition, a new level of achievement - The Strength Honor Roll - has been instituted this year to recognize achievement in the four lifts on the test. These four lifts are the power clean, bench press, squat, and split jerk. Players are graded, again according to standards established for their position group, from A to F.

Super Rams

Sam Aiken, WR
Chesley Borders, WR
Donti Coats, DT
Eric Davis, DT
James Faison, FB
Madison Hedgecock, FB
Zach Hilton, TE
Chase Page, DT
Willie Parker, RB
Dexter Reid, SS
Malcolm Stewart, LB
Clay Roberson, LB

Iron Rams                     Elite Rams



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