Football S&C: The Strength Honor Roll

Players are graded from A to F in the four lifts utilized in the off-season football strength and conditioning program.

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Strength and Conditioning Coach Jeff Connors has instituted a new achievement designation Tar Heel football players can reach in the off-season, the Strength Honor Roll.

The Tar Heel football players are graded in each of the four lifts tested before spring practice -- the power clean, the bench press, the squat, and the split jerk -- and assigned a letter grade A to F for their performance in the lifts.

The following are the UNC football players who made the Strength Honor Roll.   Players in bold also acheived Super Ram status

Sam Aiken, WR
Jason Brown, OL
Eric Davis, DT
James Faison, FB
Michael Harris, RB
Madison Hedgecock, FB
Kevin Knight, DB
Dokun Olagoke, RB
Willlie Parker, RB
Jason Seawright, OL
C.J. Stephens, QB
Malcolm Stewart, LB
Jeb Terry, OL

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