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Ndudi Ebi
6-10, 190 pounds
Westbury Christian (TX)


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6/1: Ebi had a solid showing by his standards at the Nike Memorial Day Classic, maintaining his status as a Top 10 talent, and gave reporters an eight-team list of schools: Arizona, Duke, Georgia Tech, Houston, Indiana, North Carolina, Texas and Louisville. The Tar Heels are still recruiting him, but the mutual interest has waned some, and the current odds of Ebi choosing UNC appear slim.

4/30: IC's Clint Jackson takes a closer look at Ebi's recruitment ... (Ebi, yes, he's a UNC target)

4/7: From IC's coverage of the Boo Williams Invitational --

Give credit to Ebi, though, as he recovered quite well in the evening session, the first round of the playoffs. Houston faced off with the South Carolina Ravens, who feature 6-10 sophomore stud Ra'Sean Dickey. ...

There was less bounce in Dickey's step on Saturday night and Ebi got the best of him, blocking several of his shots and holding his own in the paint. Dickey had 11 points (3-9 FG) and three boards, while Ebi poured in 19 points, seven rebounds and 10 blocks.

In one highlight sequence, Ebi caught the inbounds pass, beat the press on his own and threw down a dunk - then raced back upcourt to halt the Ravens fast break by swatting a layup attempt into the bleachers. (Saturday Boo Notes)

1/28: IC correspondent Jason Schultz reports from Minneapolis -- Ebi seemed to be fairly open at this point -- he did mention UNC, Duke, and Arizona -- but he didn't seem to have a timetable for a decision. "When I'm ready, right now I'm just trying to get better, and be the best player I can be. When I'm ready as a player, then I'll make the decision," he said. When asked about UNC, he said, "They have a great tradition, and I feel I can come in and help them out. Then again, I also feel they can help me out." (Minn. Tripleheader of Hoops)

1/25: IC's David Thompson talks with Ebi -- "I think I know how to pass real well. I can see the court when I have the ball and I feel my greatest strength is the ability to adjust. I really enjoy playing defense. ..." (Ndudi Ebi Interview)

1/22: IC's David Thompson talks with Westbury Christian head coach, Greg Glen -- "He learned how to play inside first and he has continually worked his way out. I think, for the college level or above, I think he's going to have the opportunity to play that three position and I think that's what those kinds of schools see him doing and I think that has a lot to do with how skilled he is and how well he can do things with his feet. ..." (Interview with Ndudi Ebi's coach)

1/15: IC's Clint Jackson -- "Ebi, without a doubt, has been the fastest riser in the nation over the past few weeks. Seeing the 6-10 forward in action, you'll notice that he's not scared to bang with the bigger players on the blocks, even though he's rather skinny. But, it's his ball handling ability, accurate jump shots from all over the floor and his long arms that are very appealing to observers. He tends to take over the game at times and is basically one of the most complete offensive players in the country. He rebounds, he blocks shots, he dunks, he shoots, he's got good floor vision and he hustles all the time."

12/30: Ebi put on a terrific showing at the Academy Invitational in Houston, Texas. He averaged 26.3 points, 12.7 rebounds and 4.7 blocks. IC's David Thompson provided game reports and compiled an Ebi photo gallery ... (Nike Academy Invitational: Ndudi Ebi coverage)

12/15: Texas Hoops talent evaluator Mike Kunstadt -- "I wouldn't have said that at the end of the summer, but now I really think he can be a wing player. He handles the ball very well for his size, he has decent range, and he's very mobile."

12/15: Analyst Rob Harrington -- "He reminds me of Terence Morris. His perimeter game is accelerating. I saw signs of that this summer. He needs to get stronger, but his offensive game is so smooth. He has an NBA future at the small forward spot."

11/25: Dave Telep, quoted at BasketballAmerica -- "I love him as a prospect. I can't think of but a few kids who can pass the ball as well from the post. He's a good shooter, he's a good kid, and he'll be a serious target in the coming year." (link)

11/21: IC's Jeff Goodman introduces Ebi ... (Junior to Watch: Ndudi Ebi)

7/15: The All Star Report ranked Ebi the top underclassman at the Nike Camp. Impressive recognition, considering the talent at the camp. (link)

7/12: Prep Stars.com at the Nike Camp -- "More of a post player at this point because of his size and age, but Ebi has the skills to step out on the floor and do some damage from the wing. He is somewhat reminiscent of Terrance Morris, but potentially better. A bit on the frail side, he has some time to add meat to his bones." (link)

6/1: All Star Report at the Memorial Day Classic -- "Make no mistake about it-- Ebi can handle the ball and is capable of defending on the perimeter due to his long arms and legs. He runs well and can score in transition. There is no question that Ebi needs to get stronger, but if he does, watch out-- the sky could be the limit." (link)

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