Reyshawn Terry Q&A

CHAPEL HILL, NC -- Following his 21-point MVP performance in the NC AAAA Basketball Championship, Reyshawn Terry answered questions about his eventual college decision.

Reyshawn Terry

What's your college situation like right now – who has offered so far?

"I really don't know who has offered, but Wake Forest is looking at me real hard, NC State, Clemson, UConn., Maryland, Carolina, and a bunch of others."

You said you were leaning in one direction. Who is that to?

"I'm leaning towards Carolina, but I'm still open though."

Are they a life-long favorite, or is it something recent where you started liking them?

"That's life-long."

What is your time table for making a decision?

"I want to wait until my senior year because there are a lot of things open out there for me."

Some guys will be making a decision at the end of the summer. Will you do that or wait until spring?

"I've got to weigh my options, because I'm not sure what I want to do yet. I'll see where my head is at the end of the summer – at the end of AAU season."

I know coaches are limited in their contact with you. How have the Carolina coaches been in contact with you?

"They come to my games. I call them sometimes, and I talk to them. They send me letters and they've been close to me."

What have they said in terms of making an offer? Have they said something like, "We really want you," or something else like that?

"They said that they want to offer but they have to get my parents up here to meet them."

What is the situation with your grades?

"I'll be qualified as long as I just stay on top of everything."

Have you already taken the SAT?

"No, I'm taking it this May."

Did you notice the UNC coaches sitting in the stands?

"Yes, sir."

Did that affect you at all?

"No, it didn't affect me at all. I came to play my game regardless."

Where do you see yourself fitting in on a college team – playing more "two" or more "three"?

"I see myself playing the two."

What skills do you have that make you more suited for that position, as opposed to the three?

"I'm bigger than most two-guards. I'm quick for my size. My ability to get out in transition and jump. I can post up smaller guards."

Can you defend the smaller guys?

"Yes, because I'm long so they can't go around me, and my footwork is pretty good."

Lastly, will you be participating in the Bob Gibbons Tournament of Champions this year?

"Yes, I'll be playing with the Kappa Magic."

Stay tuned to for photos from Terry's MVP performance, later this weekend.

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