UNC-Minnesota: Postgame Press Conference

Coach Sylvia Hatchell, Nikki Teasley, Coretta Brown and Candace Sutton comment after their 72-69 win over Minnesota on Monday night to advance to the NCAA Tournament's Sweet 16.

Opening Statements

"Well I've got to give tremendous praise to Minnesota. They are a great team. They have a good coach, and she has done a great job with that team. They were so prepared, and they played so hard. It's a shame a team had to lose that. We would like to take our hats off to them and compliment them.

"I think our balance in scoring and down the stretch Coretta, Candace, and Nikki sort of led the way for us, and helped us to do what we needed to do. As far as penetrating on offense, and making them rotate on defense. Lindsay (Whalen) she is a great player. At halftime she had 19 points, and they out rebounded us. This is the first time in 12-15 games we've been out rebounded and one. We are happy to go to the sweet 16 and are very blessed to be in this situation."

[To Correta Brown] How was the atmosphere?

"I love it. I just love playing in Carmichael Gym. I thank the fans who came out and supported us, it was great."

What do you think was they key to the victory?

"Our defense. A couple of the easy shots weren't falling, we stepped it up on our defense. It won it for us really, but our defense kept us in it."

What were you thinking when Nikki went out?

"I was just like I hope she's ok. We need her. She needs to get back on the floor. She came back and helped us out. That's our senior."

[To Candace Sutton] How important was #4 [McCorville] getting her fourth foul?

"She's a great player as well as the Minnesota team. That helped us out a lot [when she picked it up]."

Do you expect the game to be this physical?

"We were prepared for it. We knew they were a very physical team. That is the way it went, a lot of physical play."

[To Nikki Teasley] Can you tell us about the finger?

"Oh just a typical jammed finger. It'll be all right tomorrow."

Was the kiss kind of like a goodbye?

"Yea, that was my last home game. I'm so happy I came back. It's been everything I expected and more. I'm please with the way I'm playing, and my performance. But I'm not satisfied. This is just another step towards the Final Four, that's what we're looking for, to keep moving on. I'm the only senior so I was just kind of saying goodbye to everyone."

What do you think finally put you guys over the hump? You guys were down almost the whole game.

"We were focusing on defense. #13 (Whalen) was killing us. We had to come together as a team and say look its going to start with these people right here. We had to pick it up and set the tone for everyone else. We played great team defense in the end and that is what won it for us."

Did you hold your breath on Whalen's last three?

"Yea actually I did. I'm happy we got the rebound. But she's a great player, she's young and gonna grow and that team is gonna be good next year."

[To Coach Hatchell] "What can you say about the play of Chrystal Baptist?"

"She had a double-double. 12 points and 10 rebounds. Those last couple of timeouts I told her ‘Chrystal get the rebound.' That was they key thing. She was big."

Coach, can you just talk a little about being in the Sweet 16?

"Sweet 16 is nice. We are tremendously happy, but we are not satisfied. We could of played a lot better tonight. We know we can play better, but we want more than just the Sweet 16."

[Talking about the last play]

"I actually talked to Nikki about a couple of things she saw during the last timeout. Because she has such good vision, on the court and sees certain things on the court. I asked her ‘Nikki what do you see?' I gave her two options. When you have a fifth year senior that is the player she is, that's good coaching when you listen to a player like that. That's how much respect I have for the player she is."

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