Scouting Chris Taft

Want to know all about Chris Taft's game? Then who better to ask then the scouts, coaches and analysts who have watched the 6-9 junior Tar Heel target numerous times. <i>Inside Carolina</i>'s Clint Jackson spoke to these experts for a thorough look at Taft.

The opinions on the abilities of Chris Taft, the 6-9 PF-C from Xaverian (NY), vary slightly. Some folks think he's going to be a true center while others think his game may be best served if he were to develop some wing skills. Some analysts already think that the low post scoring ace may be one of the best ten players in the country. Clint Jackson contacted several members of the media, college coaches and an NBA scout to get their takes on the big guy from the Big Apple.

Here's what several knowledgeable folks thought of Taft. Note the that scout and college coaches must remain anonymous.

"A stronger-than-he-looks type of low post scorer. Taft plants his wide body on defenders and locks his legs into place with his back to the basket, receives the ball and goes to work. Turn-arounds, short shots, jump-hooks and an occasional up and under. I think he's going to be a terrific low post prospect because he's so strong and long has a lot of room left to grow in his big frame."- NBA scout

"Strong and active interior player who understands how to score on the blocks. In fact -- he's probably the best low post scorer in the entire northeastern region of the United States. Only Kendrick Perkins from Texas is a better interior scorer than Taft is, from what I've seen right now." - Big East assistant coach

"He's strong and focused. He's got a good amount of bulk and will probably get much bigger as he gets older. Unlimited potential. We like him a lot." - ACC assistant coach

"Chris is a very skilled and productive offensive player and rebounder. He's got a thick torso with thin legs and long arms, and he uses finesse rather than power to get the job done. Taft's weakness is on the defensive end, where he has yet to establish himself as a force, but his offensive ability makes him one of the more intriguing post prospects in the class." - Rob Matera, of the All Star Report

"Chris Taft is a special talent. He has physical strength, attacks the basket with force and has developed a soft touch around the basket. Taft does a good job at sealing his man with his wide frame to receive entry passes. He can score points in bunches and plays in a very competitive league." - Mike Sullivan, of NY-based RivalsHoops

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