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LAS VEGAS – At 12:01, Pangos Midnight Madness officially began the most arduous traveling team week of the year. Meanwhile, Spencer Hawes reveals his five finalists and could Wayne Ellington have gotten a growth spurt?

Dinos Trigonis' "Pangos Midnight Madness" marked the official beginning of what is sure to be a long week of ball in sunny and steamy Las Vegas. It was 96 degrees outside when Pangos tipped at 12:01 a.m. Friday morning and college coaches entered the Tarkanian Basketball Academy for a series of very early morning games.

The first thing we noticed at Midnight Madness was Wayne Ellington. Maybe it's the time change and post midnight tip-off that got to us, but Ellington looks like he's pushing 6-foot-5. In fact, he said that a number of people have commented about what appears to have been a recent growth spurt.

While it was hard to take the 30 minute series of games seriously, it was a chance for college coaches to show their favorite prospect some love. In this case, that prospect was Spencer Hawes.

The 6-foot-11 Seattle Prep big man told that he has officially trimmed his list to five schools. The finalists are UConn, North Carolina, Washington, Stanford and UCLA. The dream is over for Arizona, Kansas and Duke, three schools that were trimmed.

"It's one thing to say it, it's another to pick up the phone and do it," Hawes said of the difficult conversations he's had with some of America's finest coaches who did not make the cut.

Stanford, Washington, UCLA and UNC each had the head coach and the rest of the recruiting staff in the gym watching Hawes in action at Pangos. will provided – at different times – coverage of all three tournaments in Las Vegas during the next five days. Here are the official tournament websites for each event.

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