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Brian Johnson
6-9, 225 pounds
Bishop O'Connell (VA)

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10/10: Check out some clips from the Charlie Weber Invitational -- Brian Johnson Video

10/5: Quotes and analysis on Johnson at the Charlie Weber Invitational -- CW: Brian Johnson Spotlight

8/7: "I want to go to Carolina and I think I'm going to go," said the 6-9, 240-pound power forward. "I'm just not ready to say I'm ready to go just yet. It's just me. But most likely I'll be going to Carolina." (Johnson concludes well-traveled summer)

7/19: Johnson was among the 12 players who made the cut this weekend for the USA Basketball Junior World Championship Team. At 15, he is the youngest player to make the team. Play begins next week.

7/10: "I'm used to the attention (I'm receiving)," Johnson said. "A lot of people look for me to go to North Carolina. I'm going to make my decision next summer." ... (Nike Report)

7/2: Eric Bossi, of, evaluates Johnson at the USA Festival -- "A rising junior who looks to have adjusted to his added muscle. Only 15-years old, Johnson does everything well; it's hard to criticize any part of his performance in Colorado Springs. Always made good decisions, and once he realized he wouldn't see the ball a whole lot on offense, he was sure to go and get it himself. Looks to have gotten quicker off his feet as he finished several times in spectacular fashion." (link)

6/30: Johnson's skills, and his beard, earned him comparisons to James Worthy in Colorado Springs this week, where the 15-year-old phenom averaged 10.0 points (51% FG) and 9.2 rebounds at the USA Youth Development Festival. Read daily reports on his performances - USA Festival Coverage

6/29: UNC's 2004 commitment, JamesOn Curry, told IC yesterday that he thinks Johnson will be a Tar Heel. "Yeah, I got him," Curry said. "He said he's coming. He's just going to take some visits." (USA: JamesOn Curry Spotlight)

6/27: "Carolina might be my school," he said. "They're my first choice, and then Maryland and Florida." Johnson said the aura of UNC hoops is what appeals to him the most. "The atmosphere. I love it at Carolina," he said. "There's something about Carolina that's different than the other schools." (USA: Brian Johnson Spotlight)

6/26: After another player withdrew, Johnson was informed that he was added to the list of finalists for the USA Junior Team Trials in Miami next month.

6/25: IC spoke with regional expert Thom Jones about Johnson -- "... And I like the fact that he's a hard worker - he's an earnest hard worker. I noticed when they were doing the voluntary station work that he was there the entire time. And that's the kind of thing I look for because if guys are constantly working, even when they have free time away from the game, those are the kind of guys that are going to constantly improve. And that's what I like about him. He's a hard worker. He's not a flashy kid, but there's something to be said for guys who come into programs who score 11-12 points and get you 8-9 rebounds. ..." (NBPA: Evaluating Brian Johnson)

6/11: IC's Clint Jackson scouts Johnson -- "... He knows how to seal his defender on his back and provides a huge target for entry passes in the post. He has GREAT hands and catches just about everything thrown his way, so you usually won't see too many fumbled passes even if there's a poor pass coming in to him on the blocks. And he's got a handful of instinctive post moves in his arsenal -- from a turnaround jumper to a nice up and under move. ..." (Scouting Brian Johnson)

6/2: Johnson was the youngest invitee at the USA Basketball Junior World Championship Qualifying Team Trials last weekend. In a camp dominated by star seniors and juniors, he didn't make the cut, but was the fourth-leading rebounder, with 9.7 boards per game.

5/29: "Last summer Johnson was a slender, skilled and promising looking BF prospect," wrote Eric Bossi, of, at the Memorial Day Classic. "He is still skilled and promising, but looks to have added at least 20 pounds in the last year and has matured into a man -- as evidenced by his full beard. The weight helps him to battle down low but has also taken away some of his quickness and athleticism. Johnson is still very good, but will have to keep improving and learn to play with his added weight in order to retain his status as a top-10 prospect." (link)

5/28: "Johnson, who has added muscle since last summer, played a lot of power forward for the Potomac Valley Blue Devils. ... Johnson was more a luxury than a necessity for the Blue Devils. He didn't need to score 15-20 points a game. In their last game against the Illinois Warriors, Johnson went 3 of 5 for seven points, 13 rebounds and three blocked shots ..." (Nike Memorial Day Classic report)

5/14: Analyst Curt Spear -- "Let's get this out of the way up front: Johnson ain't 6-10. More like 6-8. That said, he will still be an elite member of the class of 2004, because he's an exceptional rebounder and his offensive skills are likely to continue to develop over the next year. He didn't shoot the ball as well this weekend as he did several weeks ago at the Boo Williams Invitational, but he still produced points in each game. He's already pretty darned good, and his best basketball is still ahead of him." (link)

5/11: "North Carolina still leads ... Carolina was up to see me at an open gym and they still want me," Johnson said. "I'm not quite sure as to when I'm going to decide. I may take my time -- I'm not sure yet." ... (Johnson: 'Carolina still leads')

4/8: Analyst Jeff Markman at the Boo Williams Invitational -- "Brian Johnson has incredible fundamentals for a sophomore. The post player already sports a scholarship offer from North Carolina as credentials for his ability, and is fun for a basketball purist to watch as he sets up in the lane, catches the ball with his big hands, and finishes around the rim. He also looks to be in a lot better shape than when we saw him in December at Glaxo, and runs the floor very well for a player his size. Not putting up huge numbers yet, but the tools are all there, and the numbers will come as he matures." (link)

3/25: IC's Zeke Martins confirms that the Tar Heel staff has indeed already offered Johnson a scholarship.

12/29: From Prep Stars at the Glaxo Invitational -- "Johnson isn't overly athletic, but he is awfully skilled and unlike many precocious talents he possesses the patience to let the game come to him." (link)

12/28: IC correspondent Tommy Jenkins reports from the Glaxo Invitational -- "Johnson is lean and graceful and gets off the floor quickly for blocks and putbacks. He is a good athlete, not extremely explosive, but he gets where he needs to be easily. Just a sophomore, Johnson needs to work on his post moves, but he did have a nice up and under move and a sweet turn around jumper. The kid has range out to 15 feet. His shot reminds me of Bob McAdoo. In fact, although not as athletically explosive, I thought Johnson was similar to McAdoo in a lot of areas. I was most impressed with Johnson's hands. A very good passer out of the post, on one play Johnson was double teamed and quickly found a cutting teammate for a layup. He also caught several tough passes in the post." ... (Glaxo: Day 1)

12/3: IC's Clint Jackson reports from the Wootten Invitational -- "I love Carolina," Johnson said. "My favorite school is definitely Carolina." ... (Carolina in great shape with sophomore)

9/26: IC filed a thorough report on Johnson at the Charlie Weber Invitational, including quotes from Johnson and his coach, analysis and a photo gallery ... (An in-depth look at Brian Johnson)

9/24: Analyst Dave Telep, quoted at Basketball America -- "There are some elite underclassmen here (at the Weber Invitational), but (Johnson's) the most polished of the bunch. Brian Johnson's already had himself a pretty nice basketball education." (link)

8/16: "Johnson made an unofficial visit to Chapel Hill on Wednesday. He attended the preseason football scrimmage at Kenan Stadium Wednesday night and met with the coaching staff afterwards. ..." (Star sophomore spends day in Chapel Hill)

7/12: From Prep Stars at the Nike Camp -- "As he becomes more comfortable, (Johnson) is showing off uncanny range and touch for such a young player and the potential." (link)

7/10: IC correspondent Eddie Wiscill at the Nike Camp -- "Possibly the best (underclassman) is rising sophomore Brian Johnson of Virginia. At 6-foot-8, he's a natural small forward with long arms and the ability to get to rim at will or pull up for mid-range jumpers. No doubt, every big-time college program in the country will want him."

3/5: Johnson was in attendance for this weekend's UNC-Duke game at the Dean Dome.

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