Super 64: Thaddeus Young Spotlight

LAS VEGAS --- By his own admission, Thaddeus Young was just "ok" on Friday at the Adidas Super 64. Given that he probably isn't 100% recovered from the sprained ankle he suffered last month in San Diego, nobody would blame him if he said it factored into his play. But on Saturday, he was spectacular.

One thing is for sure, the 6-8 wing's ankle looked just fine on Saturday as Young put together a dazzling performance during a game against Wisconsin DTA. He hit on a few deep threes, attacked the basket at will thanks to a much improved handle and generally looked like the potential star he's been touted to be.

"The ankle's fine, we just needed to get loose out there and I thought I played ok," said Young. "I've been working a lot on my handling."

A well-rounded kid who is friendly and quick to flash a high wattage smile, Young admits that things have gotten a little more hectic as of late. In fact, the passing of the NBA age limit has played a large part in how much busier his recruitment's become.

"Ever since that little rule change from the NBA, college coaches have been calling my dad non-stop," Young told Inside Carolina. "Because he's my coach they can call him all the time, I don't think he ever gets any sleep."

While he declined to give a list of school's that he's most interested in at the moment, Young said that the list was expansive. That won't be the case much longer though, as he's planning on cutting down his list very soon.

"I'm going to cut it down after Los Angeles (Best of Summer)," said Young. "I'm going to try and get it to between five and seven schools."

It isn't that he doesn't enjoy the attention, Young is actually quite grateful for it. However, the pressure of being Thaddeus Young does seem to be wearing on him some and the teenager is just looking forward to some time off to get away from things and be a kid.

"When this stuff is over I'm really looking forward to just chilling for a couple of weeks, that's all I want to do is just chill," said Young. "It's been so crazy. I'm glad that my dad is the one who talks to coaches more. I'll chill for a couple of weeks, start back up at school and then start dealing with colleges again."

The burning question for North Carolina fans is exactly where the Heels stand in his recruitment. Even though he wouldn't guarantee any school's inclusion in the final list -- Young did admit that he's taken notice of North Carolina and they are likely to receive heavy consideration before he makes a final decision.

"Carolina is definitely in there," said Young. "They've done a nice job of making sure that I know I'm welcome there and showing their interest."

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