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Rumors of the death of North Carolina's basketball program have been greatly exaggerated. While many fans, like Susan Worley (March 17), have accepted the disappointing 2002 season philosophically and with a spirit of resilience, a few, like James W. Neal (March 17), are ready to start an inquisition into Carolina's "demise."

If you are going to conduct an inquisition, however, it's important to get the facts straight.

Neal argues that the program was doomed from the day Dean Smith retired, and that by June 2000 Roy Williams, Larry Brown, Eddie Fogler, and George Karl turned down the job because they saw a "program on the brink," and implies that the rest of the "masses" were deluded into thinking this was not the case.

Both propositions are demonstrably false. ...

LINK: Be realistic about UNC basketball

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