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10/2: Sources close to the North Carolina basketball program confirmed to IC this morning that Padgett has committed to Kansas - Padgett commits to Kansas

10/2: Padgett's mother denied last night's television reports. "We have not made that announcement," she told the Lawrence Journal-World. "We will call coaches and media on Wednesday with the decision." (link)

10/1: Television stations in Kansas tonight are reporting on their 10:00pm news shows tonight that Padgett has decided to attend Kansas.

10/1: According to PrepWestHoops, the Padgett recruitment will come to an end in the morning tomorrow. "Padgett will call the three schools he is considering -- Kansas, North Carolina and Arizona -- sometime tomorrow morning," reports the site. (link)

10/1: "My thought is the sooner the better (for a commitment)," Pete Padgett told the Reno Gazette-Journal, adding that there will be no press conference to make the announcement. "My feeling is by the end of the week I hope he knows what he wants to do. The longer it drags out, the more it wears on him ... He's confused right now which way to go (for a commitment)." (link)

9/27: Dave Telep discounted some rumors (the package deal with Wilkes and possible new involvement with Cal) and spoke with Padgett's father. "I think he's going to have a heckuva hard time deciding," Pete Padgett said. "I think he'll be very relieved. He may deep down inside know what he wants to do but he hasn't shared that with me." (link)

Telep added that Doherty and Roy Williams will be visiting Sunday and Monday, respectively.

9/24: According to TheBootleg, Padgett has removed Stanford from his final list of four schools because of admissions delays. "It might have been another month David would have had to hang in there for a decision," Pete Padgett told TB, "and David just feels right now like he needs to get this done. He feels like it's time, and he wants to have a senior year where he can focus on academics, athletics and a social life." (link)

9/22: From Cat Tracks -- "All the schools have positives and some negatives," he said. "North Carolina is North Carolina. They have the best tradition in college basketball. But Doherty is the least experienced. That's not a huge factor, but it is a factor." (link)

Padgett also spoke briefly about the status of his decision on the Greg Swaim radio show tonight. "[I'll decide] probably within a week or two," he said. "Stanford is coming in later this week." (listen)

9/19: Padgett's father told PrepWestHoops that the final in-home, with Stanford, is expected to take place the last week of Sept. Padgett will decide "probably in the first or second week of October. I think he'll be ready to make a decision at that point." (link)

9/17: What does a publication do when the subject of a story isn't tipping his hand? Explore alternative avenues -- in this case, six exclusive sources. Inside Carolina presents an inside look at the recruitment of David Padgett. ... David Padgett: Behind the Poker Face

9/15: "Don't read anything into it, but it speaks volumes that we'd combine a work/pleasure trip [to Chapel Hill]," Padgett's father told the N&O. "I've never been on campus, and I'm excited about the chance ... North Carolina has done everything humanly possible. It has done an unbelievable amount of work." (link)

9/11: UNC conducted it's in-home visit with Padgett last night. "We could talk to those guys all night long -- we love them," Debbie Padgett said ... (David Padgett update)

9/10: After an in-home with Kansas last night, the Padgett family will host Matt Doherty tonight.

9/4: "I liked it. It was pretty impressive," Padgett said of the visit, which included a sit down with Dean Smith. "That's just going to make my decision tougher. ... It was cool. I don't know what I expected, but it was more than I expected." (link)

9/2: "He was real excited when he came home," Debbie Padgett noted. "I think he grew. He had a great time. I was just glad to see him. When he got back that head of his was just spinning. He got to see so much. He talked about the locker room and the players. He really liked the players a lot. He liked Sean May a lot. They really hit it off." (Post-visit report from Padgett's mother)

9/1: Attending Friday afternoon pickup games at the Smith Center was followed by a cookout at Doherty's house and then an evening in Chapel Hill. On Saturday, as Padgett (wearing a UNC shirt) was led to his seats before kickoff at Kenan, there was a student-led chant of "We Want Padgett" accompanied by a large sign which had his name on a Carolina jersey and the words "We Want You ... in Carolina Blue." After a second night on Franklin St. -- his host was freshman Sean May -- he left for the airport this morning. Doherty will visit the Padgett household on Sept. 10 and Padgett's parents will check out Chapel Hill in two weeks. Stay tuned for more ...

8/30: Padgett arrived in Chapel Hill last night to begin his official visit. He spent this morning with the coaches, then after lunch toured the campus -- accompanied by head coach Matt Doherty, assistant coach Doug Wojcik and five of the Tar Heel freshmen (Sean May, Rashad McCants, David Noel, Byron Sanders and Damion Grant ... Raymond Felton couldn't attend, as he had a class). Next up: attending an afternoon workout at the Smith Center. Tomorrow he'll be in the student section at Kenan Stadium for the season opening football game against Miami of Ohio.

8/29: "That's all I've been hearing," he said with an optimistic tone. "I hear how beautiful it is over there and I just can't wait to see it. I'm so ready to get there." ... (Padgett -- 'I'm excited. I can't wait' )

8/21: Padgett's list is down to four and the in-home visit schedule is all set, as reported in the Reno Gazette-Journal -- Kansas (Sept. 9), North Carolina (Sept. 10), Arizona (Sept. 12) and Stanford (Sept. 19). "It'll be very interesting how the North Carolina visit goes," father/coach Pete told the paper. "From what I hear, he's one of their priority guys. All of these schools have been working extremely hard. It has been going strong for almost a year." (link)

8/12: According to PrepWestHoops, Padgett's parents will make a separate trip to Chapel Hill "within a few weeks." (link)

According to IC sources, that visit by the Padgetts will likely be the weekend of Sept. 14.

8/8: Padgett will reportedly visit Kansas again this weekend. This time he'll go on an unofficial visit, accompanied by his parents.

8/7: Padgett's father and coach, Pete, told Dave Telep that a decision likely won't be made until October. "His options are such right now that I don't think he can make a bad pick," Pete said. "He's not going to make up his mind I think until Oct. 1." (link)

7/29: Padgett is back on U.S. soil this evening and will fly from Miami back to Nevada on Tuesday. He spent the last week in Venezuela with the USA Junior World Championship teams, which earned a bronze medal and qualified for the Junior World Championship. The Reno center averaged 5.8 points and 4.8 boards in five games.

"I think he played okay," Pete Padgett, David's father and coach, told IC. "I know he enjoyed the heck out of it. It was a great, unbelievable experience that I know he'll remember his whole life."

The school list remains at seven (Stanford, Kansas, Arizona, North Carolina, California, Oregon, Louisville), many of which made the trip to Venezuela last week -- including Matt Doherty.

The elder Padgett told Inside Carolina that they have scheduled David's official visit to Chapel Hill for the weekend of August 30, which includes the football team's home opener against Miami (Ohio). David will began the process of making a decision several weeks thereafter.

"I think all the coaches are pretty much aware where he is [in his recruitment] and that there's not going to be much decided until the end of September," Pete Padgett said. "They're all aware of that and they're all willing to wait."

7/19: Padgett was among the 12 players who made the cut this weekend for the USA Basketball Junior World Championship Team. Play begins next week.

7/2: Eric Bossi, of PrepStars.com, evaluates Padgett at the USA Festival -- "In what will be his only summer appearance on the grassroots circuit, Padgett made a big impression. The common knock on him was athleticism, or a lack of it, but there are no athleticism problems with Padgett, who can run the court and has no trouble jumping over defenders. His most enticing skill is his ability to put the ball in the hole. He has plenty of go-to moves with his back to the basket and facing from 15 feet. He even hit both threes he took and led the camp in shooting percentage. He is clearly one of the top post prospects in the country and will be an instant contributor on the next level." (link)

6/30: Padgett impressed in Colorado Springs, averaging 15.2 points (63% FG), 7.8 boards and 3.0 blocks at the USA Youth Development Festival. Read daily reports on his performances - USA Festival Coverage

6/27: "The coaches have been saying I've got a pretty good feel [for the game], like knowing where guys are. Our team went to Cal's team camp last week, and Coach [Pete] Newell was there, and we talked a while. He said the thing that impressed him the most was how well I use my left hand. He said that's going to be my strength." (USA: David Padgett Spotlight)

6/26: Padgett will miss the ABCD Camp and the Vegas Big Time event as he'll be in Miami for the USA Junior Team Trials.

6/2: Padgett spent the weekend at the USA Basketball Junior World Championship team trials and was named a finalist tonight. The 31 participants were narrowed down to 16, with a final roster of 12 to be determined at the team's Miami training camp in five weeks. "Only 34 guys in the country get a chance to do this and for me to be selected, a kid from Nevada, I think it's the greatest honor I've ever gotten," Padgett said. (link)

Frank Burlison, of FoxSports.com, was in attendance -- "[Padgett]'s not a shot-blocking, dunk-it-in-your-face type but he's relentless (he grabbed 20 rebounds on the offensive end) and has a variety of low-post and face-the-basket moves. A lack of upper-body strength is a big reason he didn't finish more shots around the basket (he was 15 of 41 from the field)."

5/28: After missing four months with a partially dislocated left kneecap, Padgett returned to the court last weekend at the Mats Madness tournament on the West Coast.

"His timing is obviously still off a bit, but he moved extremely well and he was very active at both ends, blocking numerous shots and gobbling up rebounds," wrote PrepWestHoops on his weekend performance. "Padgett continues to become more aggressive as he matures and we like the way he looks to punish opponents. He doesn't back away from contact -- he sometimes goes looking for it -- and with the muscle he's added in the last year, he's able to finish strong inside."

5/3: "UNC was out here on Tuesday," said Pete Padgett, David's father and coach at Reno High. "They spent a lot of time with us and I really have a lot of respect for the coaches there. ... They seem like they really want David. It feels like he's a priority for them. They've talked a little bit about how well they think Sean May and David would compliment each other on the floor as well." ... (UNC meets with Padgett)

4/29: Padgett completed his third official visit over the weekend, spending a few days at Kansas. Having already also seen Arizona and Stanford, Padgett has two official visits left. North Carolina is expected to be one of them in the fall.

4/17: Padgett spent last weekend on his official visit to Arizona. He was hosted by rising sophomore Channing Frye and received some special treatment by head coach Lute Olson. "I've known coach Olson for a few years now," Padgett told CatTracks. "But when he dropped me off at the airport himself, I was very, very impressed. That meant a lot. I don't think he does that with everyone and I don't think he's done it in a while." (link)

4/10: ... Other reports have had Padgett leaning towards either Stanford or Arizona, but he refuted that, saying that "there is not a leader at all." However, both the Cardinal and the Wildcats - in addition to Kansas - have each offered already, while the Tar Heels have yet to make an official offer to Padgett. ... (Padgett begins official visits)

3/27: Dave Telep, of TheInsidersHoops, scouts Padgett -- "Easily one of the most fundamentally sound bigs in the class. Blessed with natural scoring skills, good athleticism and instincts. Jump hooks, jumpers and blocked shots … he's the package."

3/21: Coach Pete Padgett, quoted at FansOnly -- "David is very agile and active for a guy that size. He brought the ball up for us against the press a few times, and he is a very good passer. He passes out of double-teams really well and he makes very strong outlet passes. He is pretty sound in all facets of the game. What college coaches are most intrigued by is his ability to run. David can get out and fill the lane. He will sometimes block a shot, grab the ball, get it out and then run down the court and score in transition. For us, he stays inside most of the time. ... He is comfortable shooting from 19-20 feet." (link)

2/7: IC's Clint Jackson -- "Padgett is a proven low-post scorer who many analysts compare to 2001 high school stars Paul Davis and Travis Garrison because he's a big guy who can face up and hit long-range jump shots. He's also no slouch in the strength department, as he wrestles rebounds away from opponents and has no problem holding his desired position on the blocks. Basically, he's your popular inside-outside guy that creates matchup problems on the court."

2/1: Padgett, who expects to decide in the fall, said he plans to officially visit Arizona, Stanford, North Carolina and Kansas. California, UNLV, and Kentucky are candidates for the fifth and final trip.

1/24: From the Reno Gazette-Journal -- "He exhibited all his skills, his ability to handle the ball, his shot-blocking skills, his shooting touch, his willingness to make the other players around him better. Couple all those things with his obvious basketball pedigree and, well, college coaches have yet to stop drooling." (link)

1/18: Padgett's junior season has come to a sudden end, as he partially dislocated his left kneecap. He is expected to be ready for the AAU circuit. His final junior season stats -- 24 points, 15 rebounds and eight blocks.

12/25: Matt Doherty traveled to Nevada earlier this month to scout Padgett.

11/12: Analyst Russ Blake -- "I think Padgett is going to be one of the top big men in the class of 2003. This past summer he was exposed to a high caliber of competition, something he probably does not regularly face in his native Reno, Nevada. He is pretty skilled. He won't blow you away with his speed but he is big and takes up space. He has got some pretty good moves with his back to the basket. I think for these reasons he will be highly sought after." (link)

11/8: IC's Jeff Goodman introduces Padgett -- "I'm not ready to choose right now whether I'll stay close to home or go far away, but Carolina has been showing a lot of interest," added Padgett. "They came out to watch me work out in the fall. Their reputation is phenomenal and I'll definitely have them in the final five when it comes down to it. ..." (Junior to Watch: David Padgett)

10/22: From PrepWestHoops -- "[He] is a skilled and aggressive big man who can hurt you inside or from the perimeter. He's physical enough to bang with post players down low, but talented enough to step out and hit the three." The article notes that a UNC coach recently made the trip to Nevada to watch Padgett. (link)

7/28: From ESPN.com -- "David Padgett has good weight on his developing frame, is extremely coordinated, a good athlete and shoots the ball well. What really sets him apart from other young, developing big men is his aggressiveness -- this kid doesn't back down from anyone! He's got solid post moves, he competes and he still has plenty of upside." (link)

7/27: From Dave Telep, of TheInsidersHoops, at the Vegas Big Time -- "This was the best he's played all summer long. Against DC Assault, he was terrific, especially in the first half. He was making jumpers and blocking shots. But, he was also running the floor and finishing plays with slam dunks. He's more confident than he was a few months ago and it shows." (link)

5/15: From the All Star Report -- "It was a travesty that Padgett got left off the Spiece All-Tournament team. Are you kidding us? He was one of the best post players there! He has excellent hands, recognizes the double-teams well, is an excellent post passer, and can put the ball on the floor in the post and score. He also has a consistent shot within fifteen feet from the wing and can get up and down the floor. Definite McDonald's All-American potential by the time he is a high school senior." (link)

4/18: His sophomore season averages -- 19 points, 13 rebounds and 4.5 blocks.

3/5: Padgett comes from a storied basketball family. His grandfather, Jim, was a head coach at California and Nevada-Reno, while his father, Pete, was a star player in high school and at Nevada-Reno. Pete is now coaching David at Reno High.

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