Hoops postseason updates

The official UNC athletics site, TarHeelBlue, has been running stories this week catching up with some Tar Heels in the first weeks of their offseason.

"I'm not transferring. I will be here," (Jackie Manuel said). "I want to improve on every aspect of my game this summer ... I need to improve on everything."

"The younger guys are coming in with a lot of heart," (Melvin Scott) said. "I want to compete. I love that competition."

LINK: Manuel, Scott Determined to Lead UNC Back to Top

"Everybody is going to have to contribute, no matter how big or small that might be," (Adam Boone) said. "More than anything, I just want to have team success. Whatever the coach wants me to do, whether he wants me to play more or whatever, I'll do that."

LINK: Holmes and Boone Look Forward to Next Year

"I'll be here, there's no doubt about it," (Jawad Williams) said. ... "I haven't had anything bad to say about Carolina at all. We had a rough season, but the people and the atmosphere are great. I mean, there's a snowstorm at home right now."

LINK: Catching Up with Jawad Williams and Will Johnson

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