Scouting Report: Alex Stepheson

Dave Telep, the nation's leading recruiting analyst, reviews his notes and compiles in-depth scouting reports on North Carolina's basketball recruits. In this edition -- Alex Stepheson ...

Alex Stepheson
6-9, 220
N. Hollywood (Calif.) Harvard-Westlake

His biggest strength is that his body will allow him to compete in a big conference the moment he gets there. He's athletic, he's wide, he's strong and he's got a bit of bounce. If he can catch the ball in position, he goes up and tries to dunk it. And he'll run the floor, too. For his size, he's a guy that rebounds his area. He's a good rebounder, but there are areas in which he can improve in terms of chasing balls and getting rebounds out of his area.

He's athletic, he's wide, he's strong and he's got a bit of bounce.
The other things you need to mention as strengths are his character, his academics -- he's a high level kid. Just a great kid to be around.

His best moments came at the NBPA Camp, where you started to see some of the promise. You want to see him take that next step – and to take that next step it's going to require a continued emphasis on developing his post skills. To do that he needs to find a comfort zone. And by that I mean scoring on a college level where you can throw him the ball and he can make a move.

He needs to find a comfort zone, a way in which he can score – whether it's facing the basket from 8-10 feet or being able to catch the ball with his back to the basket and make move and score. Those are the two areas he needs to improve his game at to fulfill his potential. If he started doing that on a consistent basis, the sky would really be the limit for him because he's got such a size advantage.

College Projection:
He starts at the five and maybe becomes a four. It's going to depend on the system. Depending on where he goes to college, he'll be labeled a 4 or 5. He can play with another post guy. Right now his game is more geared to a 5 until he adds a few more elements to it. He'll guard either position.

No. 58 --- That's where he falls because of the grade of athlete he is, his physical stature and future potential.

Final Thoughts:
For the elite teams – the top 5-10 teams in the country, he's probably a guy who is the No. 2 post player on a big time team. He's the guy you want to package up to next to your post scorer and let him play off that right now. The strength of his game at this point is his size and athleticism, so if you let him play alongside a scoring post it takes the pressure of him to score and lets him be successful at the things he's good at. He's such a good quality kid, he'll do anything you ask him.

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