DTH postseason feature

The Daily Tar Heel ran a series of stories today looking back at the past season and looking ahead to 2002-2003.

"I know (Capel was) hurting inside, and he just came to us and hugged every last one of us and told us, 'Don't let this happen again,'" freshman Melvin Scott said. "We told him that we love him. It was a very emotional point in the game, and he just told us to keep playing hard. And then he said that we almost had them. Those were his last words, and then he went to the bench."

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LINK: Returning Players: Scott, Holmes, Williams

"I remember hearing stories about (Felton) coming down as a junior and playing pickup games with the Tar Heels and you know, just taking it to Joseph Forte," Jackson said. "Forte was the best player on the Tar Heels at the time. He could come in there as a 16-year-old and just go right at Forte without even thinking about it."

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