Monday: John Bunting Quotes + Audio

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- Read and listen to what the Tar Heel coach had to say following Monday's practice. UNC opens in full pads on Tuesday...

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On Xavier Rainey:
"Xavier Rainey is someone we will stay in touch with and try and help as much as we can, but he will not be playing football. He had a severely broken leg last year in spring. He will get his degree. ... That's football. It happens. Everytime you are on the field that is possible and it's real. He made a lot of progress last spring, too – he really did."

Is this something you found out about recently?
"No, this is something we talked about late, late summer."

On Joe Kedra:
"He is somebody who is also a possibility. Joe and I talked before he went home. He's had a difficult time with his knee and we're going to try and make the decision for him and his body."

Who is your best receiver coming across the middle?
"I think it's Jesse Holley, without a doubt. He made a lot of great catches last year over the middle and going up high, knowing he's going to get hit. That would be my first thought. I really saw Brooks Foster come out of his shell today. It was great. He had a really good practice today. I'm excited about him.

"Jesse's got toughness; he knows he's going to be hit and he knows he'll be hit hard. The Tire Bowl? That was about as hard a hit as I have ever seen and he bounced right back up. He's a tough kid."

On Mark Paschal's Monday court date:
"All charges got dropped. Now he's here in camp. We thought that might happen. I knew all the circumstances when we brought him in and he's doing great in camp. It was much ado about something that got dropped. I'm not going to say there wasn't anything to it. Obviously it's embarrassing to him and his family and us. He's learned a very valuable lesson and I'm happy that the charges were dropped."

On Terry Hunter's future:
"I said he was done here, because he is done here. I'm not going to say that he couldn't earn his way back by doing some really great things. The greatest pleasure you have in coaching college football is seeing someone turn it around. That's all I need to say. I have several examples on this team already."

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