Wide Receivers: Offense's Strong Suit

The Tar Heels have a wealth of talent at wide receiver.

The wide receiver position has the deepest and most talented group of players than any other position on the Tar Heel squad. Each of the top-5 players at the position have the ability to score on any play, and did so nineteen times last fall. While the position lost senior Kory Bailey, it picks up sophomore Jawarski Pollock and red-shirt freshman Harry Lewis who both sat out during the season.

The two starters next year have excellent size, speed, and talent. Bosley Allen and Sam Aiken both have the ability to finish the year as an All-ACC candidate, but neither plan on going into each game thinking about that as their goal.

"I go into the games just wanting to have fun," says Aiken. "I can't go out there trying to prove myself to the ACC, and I'm having fun."

Sam Aiken likes to have fun

Allen presents a nice combination of speed and agility to the field. His ability to burn the opposition normally places him against their best cover corner. Unfortunately, Allen is sitting out the spring with a broken ankle.

Aiken is a tremendous talent with excellent hands and deceptive speed. His ability to catch the ball and pivot hurts the defenses that tend to over pursue the ball. Aiken ended the year with a heft 17.2 yard-per-catch average while hauling in eight touchdowns.

Bosley Allen out 8 to 12 weeks

Perhaps the biggest surprise of the spring is Pollock. This water bug is adept at making opponents miss. Though undersized for his position, Pollock is still willing to make crack blocks on the linebackers and safeties – knocking one on the ground. Jawarski is an amazing talent that will make a lot of noise in the ACC this fall as teams attempt to stop him. If they equal the UNC defense, they will fail – and that is taking nothing away from the UNC secondary.

Jawarski Pollock

Chesley Borders is a rising senior who can play against a zone defense very well. "I was given a nice ability to find the hole in the zone well, but I just need to figure out what the defense is, first," Borders said. He had some trouble at first learning to catch the new passes from Stephens. In the early practices, the bullets were dropped or tipped though in prime catching areas.

Chesley Borders

The coaches have taken a liking to Harry Lewis. He is getting practice time on the first and second teams during drill, while showing a good ability to read the defense and break loose in tight man coverage. His footwork, however, is not the greatest, and can hurt any cushion he had on a corner while making his final cut.

Harry Lewis

Brandon Russell is working hard this spring, even though he is playing with an arm behind his back. His broken left hand is hindering his adjustment to the new style of passing. However, his work ethic is very commendable, as he will put that hand out to catch any balls, though the chances of actually completing it are minimal.

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