Tuesday: John Bunting Quotes + Audio

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- North Carolina coach John Bunting addressed the media on Tuesday following the Tar Heels' first practice in full pads...

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Do you like the morning practices as opposed to the afternoon practices?
"I like every single one of them. I'm non-prejudiced towards practice times."

First day in pads, did anybody get any good licks in?
"Oh, there were some good licks passed. We're a much more physical team and it's very evident on defense. That's what we need."

How do you divide up the repetitions between the running backs?
"Each day, each practice, each period, Andre' [Powell] has a plan for that. For example, Antwain Carey ran some today. Cooter [Arnold] didn't play as much, but R.J. Waters got some reps and Richie Rich got some reps. It's Barrington [Edwards] and then the rest. They're all going to get reps with him. When we move further along, we'll be able to more clearly define what we want to do."

How often did you blitz last year?
"We pressured probably about 25 percent of the time. That's average. We'll bump it up [this year]."

Who will be your return people this year?
"Right now, it's clearly Wallace Wright, who did a great job with it last year; and Del Roberts. We see them on kickoff returns. And, Trimane Goddard is in there. We might get some other people doing that…the Cooter Arnolds, possibly the Richie Richs and Jermaine Strong. On punt returns, we need to work with most of those guys I just talked about. We know Jaws [Jarwarski Pollock] can do it and we know Del can do it. Quinton Person did a great job fielding punts. Those guys are the primary candidates, but we've got to find one other guy – Cooter Arnold, or somebody like that."

You don't see Mike Mason back there this year?
"I don't see him on punt returns. There's a possibility (on kick returns). He's done it and he's doing it. He's fielding kickoffs. Right now I want to see what the other guys can do. Mike Mason is doing so many other things for us."

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