McD 2002: Wed. Quotes

NEW YORK -- Who better to talk about the three All-American Tar Heels than the players who have faced them in practice all week. <i>IC</i>'s David Thompson compiled the following scouting reports, as well as some comments from May, Felton and McCants.

Elijah Ingram on Raymond Felton:

"He's an athlete. He's strong and tough to guard. Usually you have to play your best defense against him. With him you can't be the reactor, you've got to be the actor. You've got to make him do something. You can't sit back and relax with his moves. Easily he can just penetrate or he can just pull up. You've got to be the actor.

"Against someone like him, you've got to just stay low. He's strong. He's above you. You've got to stay low and use your speed."

J.J. Redick on Rashad McCants:

"I try to stay in front of him. He's really strong. He's probably stronger than me in this stage of our careers, so I've just got to try and stay in front of him. Because if he gets by me, he can overpower me. If he looks to shoot a jump shot, I try to get my hand out. He's a good shooter. He's a great overall player. Really, just stay in front of him.

"On offense I try to lose him in some screens. And once he gets around the screens and I catch the ball, I have him off balance and I take him off the dribble a little bit.

"I think we match up pretty well. He's stronger than me right now, but I think I'm a better shooter and he's probably more athletic as well. There's a rivalry building but I see myself hanging out with all those guys. I like Ray, Sean and Rashad a lot, actually. There's all love between us; there's no hate."

Carmelo Anthony on Sean May:

"Sometimes I'll take a charge. He's real big. He's real good. Sean's a real good player but he's also real big so it's kind of hard for me to check him. On offense, I'd give him a couple of jab steps to back him off me a little bit. Some pump fakes because it seems he goes for a lot of pump fakes, throughout this week so far. Sean is real good. He's a real good player.

"This week I've played against the top-ranked players in the country. Can't get no better than that!"

Travis Garrison on Raymond, Rashad, and Sean:

"They bring great strengths.

"Rashad – he's very physical. He's very strong with the ball. He can finish around the basket anywhere. He's a great outside shooter. Tomorrow we're going to benefit a lot off of him. He's as strong as the big guys, and when he's going to the basket, he's going to jump with you but when he goes to the basket, he might try to put it on your head! You just got to watch out for that.

"Sean – he's a big guy. He can run the floor very well. He can shoot very well from the outside. He can post up very well and finish around the basket. You can see from my size, I'm not very strong and very built, but I just try to keep him from going to the basket. He's very strong. He gets to the basket very hard and so it's kind of hard keeping him from going to the basket.

"Raymond – man, he's a great guy! He looks for everybody, tries to get us the ball. And also, he can score himself. He can finish around the basket also."

Coach Farrell, coach of the East squad:

On Raymond Felton: "He's certainly a multi-talented player. I think the first thing I'm going to stress to him is make sure he can control the other point guard and not allow a lot of penetration. The second thing is to get us sharing the basketball, get us passing, moving, cutting to the basket. And I just think his overall leadership is going to be important for us in tomorrow's game. I just love his enthusiasm, his competitiveness. I just think he's going to be a great asset to North Carolina. He really has it all – the whole package."

On Sean May: "I tell you! He's one of the kids I've really been impressed with! I think when he gets on a real strong weight program, he has a tremendous upside I feel. Great hands. Great anticipation on defense. A good rebounder. Much more athletic than you might suspect when you first see him. For tomorrow night I'm expecting him to defend and I'm expecting him to score both inside and out. Right now I don't know how we're going to match up but I think if we have this [Wednesday's] little scrimmage in an hour or so, I think I'll get a better idea of who we're going to have out there both offensively and defensively."

On Rashad McCants: "The first thing is he's a tremendous athlete. Tremendous body for a kid at 6-4. I think eventually he'll be a tremendous defensive player at North Carolina – the kind of guy you can put on an opposing perimeter player and have him lock him up for the night and I think that will be his biggest strength. Another thing is, he has tremendous range on his jump shot. He keeps stepping out and stepping out and he doesn't seem like he has any problem effort-wise. He just has a beautiful release. I think he's going to be a great player down there. When you get him in five-on-five stuff, he doesn't like to lose, number one. Number two, I thought as we've gotten to know each over the course of the four days, he's become more receptive to any kind of instruction that came his way and that'll serve him well with Coach Doherty."

Coach McKnight, coach of the West squad:

"We do not have much size [West squad]. We're going to be really guard-oriented. We're going to try full-court press and different things. Physically, standing up to them will be a very difficult challenge, because the East seems to be a lot bigger than the West.

"I don't know who they're starting yet. I know who we're starting and so I'm just kind of waiting to see who they start because I'm going to try to play everybody pretty much equally. So I'm going to have to try to work there."

On UNC's recruits as opponents: "I wish it was just him [Raymond] I had to stop. There's nine or ten other McDonald All-Americans on the team. They all seem to be awfully good so it's not like going up against a high school where you try to stop one guy or double down him because I think somebody else will beat you. I think this is going to be a pretty high scoring affair. The last couple of years I think they scored over 140 points in twelve minute quarters, so it'll be a lot of up and down basketball.

"Obviously, to be going to the University of North Carolina, they're obviously among the top 10% or top 5% of the class. I think after the year Matt had this year, you know he's looking forward to this freshman class.

"I've known Matt a long time. He's a great recruiter. He's been out to our school many times. And I think this class is going to give them a huge boost. Obviously, having three kids like that, all making one McDonald's team, that's a good signs for things to come."

Sean May on the game:

"I think the first half will be kind of rusty – a lot of one-on-one. But I think the second half we'll probably come together more as a team. I expect the East to win pretty big. I don't think the West can match up with us as good. I just hope to have a lot of fun and come out with a victory.

"I think I'll be guarding either DeAngelo Collins or Brad Buckman or Mike Thompson. They've got me playing the "3" right now because we have so many big men. I'm just going out there to play and whoever they tell me to guard, I'll do my best. I'll probably be guarding somebody a lot quicker than me but I expect to be guarding one of those three.

Raymond Felton on the game:

"It's going to be high intensity! They're going to come out, they're going to play hard. They'll be pushing the ball up the court because we're much bigger than they are. But, it's all good though. We're going to come out and we're going to push the ball just like they're going to push it.

"I really don't know [what matchup] they'll have on me. They'll probably play me in a normal kind of way. I don't know. It's going to be high scoring though. It's going to be up in the hundreds."

Rashad McCants on the game:

"Fun. Fun. I'm just going to play hard."

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