Thursday: Bunting Quotes + Audio

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- Read and listen to some of what North Carolina coach John Bunting had to say following today's spirited practice session...

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On Roger Heinz' injury:
"…we're seeing how it goes. We're evaluating it every day to see if he can get better and go from there."

Are you worried that he might not be able to play this season?
"I'm not worried."

How's Cam [Sexton] and the backup quarterback position shaping up with Roger out?
"We're having a number of guys work towards that goal with [Joey] Bozich being one of them. Of course we're hoping (Sexton) can get back. We're working a couple of other kids in there – a couple of walk on players."

Roger has missed some time, but it's not to the point yet that its critical at this point?
"Absolutely. There's no reason to panic about anything. Here's where we're at: We want Roger to get well. OK? It's as simple as that. There's really nothing else to talk about Roger Heinz."

How is the competition at center going?
"Well, [Steven] Bell missed practice today. When he doesn't practice, he goes down in terms of his competition. So I want Bell to be out there every single day. I was disappointed that he wasn't able to practice today, because we have competition. We've got Arthur Smith; we've got Scott Lenahan; we've got Ben Lemming. Three guys can go in there and play center. They've done that."

What's the most important thing you're looking for at center?
"The exchange. Snap the ball. Don't have the ball on the ground. That is the most important thing – believe me – at every single place I've ever been. You can't have the ball on the ground and win. It wastes time in practice and kills drives in games."

Can you address the intensity today in practice?
"We had a good practice today. If we practice like that every day, we're going to be as good as we can be when we get started. I'm excited about it. I'm excited about the way we practiced last night and I'm excited about how we practiced today. We've still got a long, long ways to go, but that was a good practice."

Does Jesse Holley look a lot bigger to you?
"He's a little bigger. He's not a lot bigger. Jesse's a good-sized kid as it is. He's physical. That's why when Coach [Roy] Williams and I talked…he loves his size and his quickness. That's why we like him too; the same thing. Of course in football we want him to be a little larger of course than he wants him to be in basketball. He's a tough, physical kid."

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