Tuesday: Bunting Quotes + Audio

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- Read and listen to what the North Carolina coach had to say following today's practice...

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How was practice today?
"We had a good practice today. I was pleased with last evening's also. It turned out to be kind of a laid back practice yesterday. There was more enthusiasm last night – a lot of enthusiasm today. Both the offensive and defensive play was ebb and flow, which is normal for every game. Each unit would start to lose control and then regain control and visa versa. I saw a lot of what I liked out there which happens in a game. The offense would make some plays and then the defense made some plays. It was very up tempo and very enthusiastic. We covered a lot more situations that happen in football and that was good too."

Has the offensive line bounced back since Saturday's scrimmage?
"Yeah, I think they have a lot starting with yesterday morning's team period. They had a good session last night and they had another good session today."

Will some of the younger players in the secondary like Jordan Hemby get some playing time this year?
"I don't know. We were thinking that Jordan might be able to help us. We'll see. We're a long, long ways from playing our first game, but I like some of the things I see out there from them."

Has Joey [Bozich] gotten a little more confidence over the last couple of practices?
"I think Joey had a good night practice and a good practice this morning."

If you did your two-deep today, is he solid at the backup (QB) position?
"There is no such thing as a solid backup at that position right now. We're waiting to see what happens with Roger [Heinz]. Joey is getting a lot of snaps right now, and all the other quarterbacks are getting reps too."

Coach [Kenny] Browning talked the other day about getting the confidence to make the play before they make the play. Is that what is happening with Khalif [Mitchell] right now?
"I think that's part of it. He's now playing in his second year. Because of the two different coaches on the defensive line, he's getting more teaching. He's getting more instruction."

Top to bottom, who has the best receiving corps in the ACC?
"It's hard for me to say. I don't know who the incoming freshmen are across the country. Every year there is one freshman that comes in; last year it was Calvin Johnson at Georgia Tech. From what I hear, their receivers are very good. I know we have a corps. I know we have a chance to be the best, and that remains to be seen. I don't know what's happening at every other college and what's happened there in the spring. Florida State always has very good receivers."

Does Matt Baker have the touch passes and other aspects of quarterbacking skill than just a strong arm?
"He has all the touch passes. And maybe what he has right now even more so than Darian [Durant], he has the patience to throw the short ball – to throw the check down. He has all of that."

How is his movement in the pocket?
"He can run as well as Darian. He's probably not as big as Darian. He's very, very mobile."

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