TST: 'An Injury Is The Huge Concern ...'

Carolina football was a topic again Wednesday on Triangle Sports Talk's "Morning Sports Drive," hosted by Taylor Zarzour. Listen to a replay of Zarzour's discussion with Charlotte Observer beat writer Ken Tysiac ...


"The one thing that stands out early in practice for Carolina is that Matt Baker has had some impressive scrimmage results and that's really encouraging for the Tar Heels. They need him to immediately be solid back there and I think he is and can be. ... If he can make some quality plays they should be in good shape on offense, because Barrington Edwards is going to be a back that surprises a lot of people and they've got obviously a very strong offensive line and good receivers."

"[An injury to Baker or Edwards] is the huge concern, that those two guys have to stay healthy because there is absolutely no experience behind them. I think North Carolina fans all year are going to be coming to each game keeping their fingers crossed that those guys don't get hurt because there really is nothing proven behind them."

"They are stronger up front with Chase Page coming back - I think he's going to be one of the better defensive tackles in the league. It'll really, really help to have some strength up front and the secondary will get better. Tommy Richardson at linebacker is one player that can really make plays and chase the ball from sideline to sideline."

"My problem with North Carolina's defense is that at the end positions and linebacker positions they just don't have enough playmakers."

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