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CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- Go behind the scenes with audio and quotes from IC...

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Jerry Stackhouse, Dallas Mavericks

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"It was great. It was all that I could have expected. The only thing that was different than expected was Allen [Iverson] missing his flight. He called me from the airport in Charlotte…he said, ‘Well, I'll be there for the after party.' But it was great. I was glad to see the guys. And J.R. Smith…imagine what it would have been like if he had came here. They may have a had one of these championships before 2005. But like I said, I'm real proud of all the guys that played and participated; and I think all the ACC stars that took the time out of their busy schedules and played."

Talk about how tight this whole group is:
"We love each other. We love being around each other. We love the comraderie that we established here playing under Coach [Dean] Smith. We feel like we've been through something. I think the guys really enjoyed each other during those times."

What did it mean to you to see the Tar Heels win a championship this year?
"It meant a lot for those kids. Obviously with us coming up a little bit short in '95…it was kind of ‘our' championship. With them coming in their freshman year and not even making the NCAA Tournament and then coming back and winning the national championship…I think it says a lot about who they are and what they're about. I think that success is going to keep their confidence going into the NBA."

Raymond Felton, Charlotte Bobcats

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"This was great; it was wonderful just to give back to the community with charity."

On the UNC-Duke rivalry:
"At the end of the day, we're all friends. It's more the fans that hate each other. Carolina and Duke – the players – we play on the court…after that, we live. We all hang out with each other."

You watched this as a fan last year; everything go kind of as you expected it?
"Oh yeah. We're just having fun. At the same time you're trying to win the game."

On J.R. Smith:
"J.R. has got hops. Unfortunately he never got a chance to attend this school. He committed and he was going to come, but he got a chance to go to the NBA and he took that chance."

On your relationship with Sean May:
"We're ready to have fun."

Do you have any added pressure playing here in North Carolina?
"No; no pressure. I'm just trying to come in here and have fun."

What kind of special feeling would you get when you were here getting ready for the first game of the season?
"Just ready…just ready to put on that blue and white jersey; ready to put on these colors and perform. I mean, you get chill bumps every time you come out – just looking at the stadium. It's crazy. You get chills anytime you walk into this gym. There is just so much history in this gym. You get chills just walking in."

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