White 'Pretty Solid'

ASHEVILLE, N.C. --- When asked for his play of the game against A.C. Reynolds, the answer was easy for Asheville head coach Dan Wilkins.

"Any time Johnny White puts it across that goal line that was it. That was the game winner and we had to have it," said Wilkins shortly after his team pulled out a 13-9 win over the Rockets.

White, who ran for 130 yards on the evening, led his team with a game-winning drive with just five minutes left in the game.

"That last drive was basically just heart, whoever just wanted it the most at the end," said White. "I thought we had the better team, but we had penalties earlier, and it was going to take a big drive at the end to win it."

In the middle of the third quarter, White was not sure he could last through the game as he became one of many players for both teams that came down with cramps in the heat and thin mountain air.

" "I was ready to get back in, but it was frustrating that I was having to sit over on the sidelines."

After two series on the sidelines he made a strong return and asserted his leadership in the game pushing a young offensive line to open up the first true running lanes of the game against a tough A.C. Reynolds defense.

"We have a couple of young guys on the offense that really did not know what it was about," said White. "They are finding out pretty quickly with this game and this kind of crowd and atmosphere. I was telling them to just keep their heads up after a bad play."

"I thought our young offensive line started to assert themselves on the last couple of drives, and I am anxious to see how that looked on film," added Wilkins.

On the recruiting front, White says that while he does plan on taking visits to other schools, he feels comfortable with his commitment to North Carolina.

"I am pretty solid with my commitment right now. I haven't looked at their schedule, but I know I am going to go to a couple of games."

Check back Tuesday for exclusive video from the game ...

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