FBall Recruiting: Isaiah Thomas Interview

Inside Carolina interviewed standout Winston-Salem Lineman Isaiah Thomas. Isaiah attended the recent Nike Camp in Chapel Hill.

Isaiah Thomas Vitals:

Height: 6-3

Weight: 300

40-time: 4.9

Tackles: 60

Sacks: 7

BP: 400

Squat: 650


Offers: Wake and UNC


Receiving Letters From: MD (scheduled to visit next weekend), ND, UVa, VaT, NCSU, Aub, Oregon, Colorado, UCLA


Recruiting Hardest: NCSU




Inside Carolina: Isaiah, how did you enjoy the Nike Camp?

Isaiah Thomas: It was a real learning experience.


IC: How did you like the UNC campus?

Isaiah: It is a beautiful campus. I really liked it.


IC: Was it your first visit to Chapel Hill?

Isaiah: No. I was in Chapel Hill for Junior Day and I attended a couple of football games last year.


IC: Which games did you see?

Isaiah: I saw the FSU game and the Wake game.


IC: How do you like the facilities and stadium at UNC?

Isaiah: Really nice.


IC: Which teams do you like the best?

Isaiah: I'm really wide open right now. I want to see who will be interested in me before I start trying to narrow it down.


IC: Which camps are you planning to attend this year?

Isaiah: I plan to go to a lot of camps. I will go to the UNC, UVa, and NCSU camps for sure. I will probably go to some one-day camps as well.


IC: What did you like about the UNC football team when you saw them play?

Isaiah: I liked their defense.


IC: Would you rather play offense or defense?

Isaiah: Mmm, I'd rather play defense but it is not crucial if a team wants me for offense.


IC: Did you have a favorite team growing up?

Isaiah: I've always liked the University of Miami.


IC: Have they written you?

Isaiah: No they have not.


IC: Did you have a favorite player?

Isaiah: I have always liked Warren Sapp.


IC: Did you attend any camps last year?

Isaiah: I went to the Clemson camp.


IC: What are you looking for in a school?

Isaiah: Mainly I want to go someplace where I have a good relationship with the coaching staff and the players.


IC: Is distance away from home a factor for you?

Isaiah: No, not really.


IC: How about early playing time? Is that important to you?

Isaiah: It helps but it is not essential.


IC: Have you met any of the UNC staff?

Isaiah: I've met Coach Bunting and Coach Webster.


IC: Is Coach Webster your primary recruiter?

Isaiah: Yes.


IC: Has your coach given you any advice about recruiting?

Isaiah: He said that I should wait and take some time to look around.


IC: When do you think that you might decide?

Isaiah: Probably at mid-season or maybe at the end of the season.


IC: Do you have any family or friends that have played college football?

Isaiah: I have two ex-teammates that are playing. Russell Bonham plays for MD and Jerome Scales plays for Wake Forest.


IC: Thank you for talking with us Isaiah.


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