Wednesday: Bunting Quotes + Audio

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. -- Read and listen to what the UNC coach had to say following his team's second preseason scrimmage.

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Any injuries to report?
"I don't think we had any at all to speak of."

Where did you see your most improvement from your last scrimmage?
"We got the run game going better, which was good as far as the offense and not so good for the defense. Unlike some teams, we always go one-versus-one, rather than two-versus-one. We had some nice runs by Justin Warren. Barrington Edwards had a couple. Richie Rich had a couple. Special teams looked real good out there. We worked on every phase. Our kicker missed a couple. His rhythm was off and we're going to have to work on that. We missed a couple of tackles. The biggest thing that was disappointing was we had about six procedure [penalties] on the offense. Half of those were on the twos, but half were on the ones."

How did Cooter Arnold impress you tonight?
"He just has a good feel for the game. He has the quick first step and he has a burst beyond that. He can run away from people. He seems to have everything you want in a player at this point; he's just not obviously developed as a young player. He is far beyond my expectations as a true freshman – that's running, that's catching and that's blocking. I'm very excited about what he's done."

Did the scrimmage shed any light at either center or strong safety – starting wise?
"I think you have to watch the tape. That's something that you need to really scrutinize. I know that it's still very competitive at that safety position. At the center position, I think we had a snap over [Matt] Baker's head. He was 7-of-10; he was really strong. Jesse [Holley] had a nice night. I know Mike Mason made a heck of a catch. But the race for the No. 2 position (at quarterback) goes on. I don't think we have a very clear picture of where we're going with that. We've played every quarterback on the bench."

How healthy is the offensive line at this point across the board?
"I think they're very healthy at this point. …Seeing Calvin Darity back. Scott Lenahan hasn't practiced in two days in a row and that's disappointing. But Darity is back and has been practicing for a bout a week now. He's been able to practice every practice, so that is far beyond my expectations, too."

How close does Calvin look to full speed?
"I think he's close. I think he's about 85 to 90 percent, which is good and better than I thought he'd be. But our freshmen played well. They're giving us a lot of reps right now. Let's see if one of those guys can help us this year, or maybe two. I think between [Ben] Lemming… We didn't have Arthur Smith tonight – he's is sick and missed practice. He could have gotten a lot of reps tonight, so I'm sorry he isn't practicing. He needed this one."

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