UNC Football Notebook

CHAPEL HILL, N.C.--Training camp has ended, and the focus moves to Georgia Tech for the Tar Heel football team.

  • After Wednesday night's football scrimmage, which ended "pre-season training camp," Thursday afternoon's practice was a little more low key, set to a "Thud" tempo.

  • With the end of training camp, the focus moved to preparation for Georgia Tech, with the first appearance of scout teams on the season. Emphasis was on positioning and footwork for the defense, execution for the offense, and precision and timing for special teams.

  • The advent of the scout teams, made up largely of freshmen, brings disappointment for some who had expected to play more. "We had team meetings to discuss that with them, and those are dues freshmen will normally have to pay as this program continues to grow," Bunting said. "We are not going to play 25 freshmen. There is enough talent that they will find their way on the field. It will be interesting to see who, in fact, does touch the field."

  • Bobby Rome and Richie Rich are currently headliners for the scout team offense.

  • Barrington Edwards has apparently garnered a new moniker from John Bunting, "B-cubed," which stands for "Barrington Being Barrington."

  • With Ronnie McGill still recovering from injury, Edwards has moved to starter with James "Cooter" Arnold as the number two tailback, and walk-on Justin Warren has moved to number three.

  • After watching the tape of Wednesday night's scrimmage, the first thing that stood out to John Bunting was the intensity between the one's and some of the two's. The coverage units on special teams also received mention with particular mention to Brandon Tate.

    "I thought a lot of the execution was good," Bunting said. "The only thing that disappointed me were the penalties, after watching the tape again. I was disappointed coming off the field, and I'm still angry about that. Other than that, we got a lot done."

  • The "two's" who received particular praise on their performance in Wednesday's scrimmage were Arnold, Justin Phillips, Brooks Foster, and Mahlon Carey. Of the freshmen, Garrett Reynolds and Kyle Jolly impressed

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