Injury Report: McGill, Sexton

CHAPEL HILL, N.C.--After a visit with the doctors, UNC head football coach, John Bunting, offers an update on the status of injured Tar Heels Ronnie McGill and Cameron Sexton.

According to John Bunting's latest visit with the doctors, Ronnie McGill is right about where they expected him to be in his recovery from a pectoral muscle injury. He is expected to begin training and non-contact drills around October 1st.

"I was hoping we might be able to move [his return to action] up a little," Bunting said. "There is a set period of time, and [the end] of that 16-week period falls during the bye week. That is where we are projected to see what he can do with some contact… As we get closer to that 16th week, we'll consider giving him some contact."

Should he return on that schedule, he'll be on track to play in the final five or six game, and that is a consideration that McGill and his family and the coaching staff will have to consider.

"In a perfect world it would be great to red-shirt and he knows that's how I feel," Bunting said. "I'd like for him to have the ability to play the whole season, but we don't live in a perfect world, so as we get closer to the 16th week we will look at it."

Currently, freshman quarterback Cameron Sexton is suffering from inflammation in his foot due to a screw that broke that was initially inserted to aid in the healing process of a bone he broke in spring practice.

"This is nothing that is a surprise to us," Bunting said. "We thought these screws would break, and then we'd take them out when the season was over, but it is creating some inflammation. It's not serious; it's just what happens.

"Based on the fact that he will not be able to work out for another 10 or 12 days to two weeks, it is going to be hard for him to contribute this year. I am not going to rule it out, but it does not look good."

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