UNC-Real Deal: Post Game Quotes + Audio

NASSAU, The Bahamas -- Read and listen to what Roy Williams, Reyshawn Terry and David Noel had to say following the game.

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What can you tell from a game like this?
"I don't know if there's anything we can tell from this game immediately for tomorrow's game, except that you can't throw the basketball everywhere like we did today. Thirty-eight turnovers and we had about 15 others deflected that we might have got back out of bounds. But over the long haul, I think it will tell our kids how much more we need to do to get in shape, because they ran out of gas out there. And, you've got to be able to make good decisions at a fast pace when you're tired. So hopefully they'll see we've got a long way to go for that."

Do you see this upcoming season as the toughest challenge you've faced at the college level?
"No, I think every year is a challenge. Last year everyone picked us No. 1 in the country and that was challenging. This year it's the opposite of that. We have not very many people up there feeling comfortable as Tar Heel fans, and probably rightfully so with the inexperience. But I try to just do it everyday. I never have one time in my life – and I won't do it this year – try to decide what our record would be. Coach [John] Wooden used to amaze me; he would write down what he though his team's record would be and put in an envelope before the season started. I've never been able to do that."

Will you even watch the film of this game?
"No. I won't watch it now. I'll go back and watch it tonight. We're not going to get a heck of a lot better between now and twelve o'clock tomorrow."

It's pretty obvious you've got some freshman that are going to make an impact.
"Well, they'll have to. Tyler [Hansbrough] and Bobby [Frasor] probably played better than the other (freshmen). Danny [Green] got kneed right above his knee in the thigh that bothered him. Michael [Copeland] was only cleared by the clearinghouse on Thursday. We've only had two practices, but all five of them are going to have to be able to do something for us."

Did Quentin look more under control?
"I think he's more comfortable. And with he, Bobby and Wes [Miller], we've got to find one of them that can play without turning it over."

Any concerns about security?


Have you ever been involved in a game quite like this?
"Nah man, This is the first time I've ever been in a game like this and go play a game before the season. This was a game to get to see what we've got. But it's a first time for me here."

We're you happy with what you saw?
"In the second half we were a little bit better. We took better care of the ball. In the first half we were just out there being careless with the ball. It was the first time with us out there together and we were just trying to get the looks."

Does your wrist every get hurt from dunking so much?
"Not really. I had to take it inside because my jump shot wasn't falling. I had to take it inside and work on my mid-range game. Naw, it doesn't really hurt me."

Did you work hard this summer?
"I work everyday to try and get better, even if I don't do anything but shoot. I try to do something with the basketball. I've worked tremendously hard to get better this summer and I'm still working at it."

You look bigger. Are you?

How much bigger?
"About seven pounds."


What have the four practices been like?
"We've been working on fundamentals and trying to let the freshman go through a practice, basically. But Coach [Williams] said that's like one-tenth of the practice we're going to have in October, though. We know it's going to get a lot tougher. Like I said before, we just wanted to let the freshmen go through and learn stuff like the secondary break and some of the things we run a lot sooner than later."

How impressed with those freshmen?
"They played great. They're definitely going to help us out a lot. We actually have to throw them into the fire a lot earlier. It's not like last year when Marvin [Williams] could come off the bench. Some of these guys may have to start for us. So it's situation where we're going to try to do the best that we can to help them out as much as we can, and they're going to help us out."

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